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Northeastern vs Bentley vs BC

goeast4goeast4 1 replies3 threads New Member
Going into senior year and want to major in finance. Took ACT once, got a 30 and will take again in the fall. Scored a 1440 on the new SAT, GPA 3.9, 3 AP classes this year and 4 next year. Captain of Varsity Volleyball, All SCC player, MVP, secretary of Future Business Leaders of America and Polish Club. Intern with Make A Wish, over 100 hours per summer. Love Northeastern but wondering what the thought is on Bentley as well since it's the number 4 ranked school behind BC for Finance. Also what do you think my chances are at getting in to BC, thanks !!!
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Replies to: Northeastern vs Bentley vs BC

  • londondadlondondad 2092 replies61 threads Senior Member
    BC is a much better school. You have a good chance for the business school, but probably a better chance for Arts and Sciences.
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  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 14898 replies1007 threads Senior Member
    BC is a much better school.
    Could you expand on this claim?
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  • julianstanleyjulianstanley 323 replies32 threads Member
    @londondad probably was referring to prestige.

    To the OP: Apply to all three if you're interested! You have a chance at all, and probably also want to add at least one safety school.
    Does Bentley have a CC tab? It may be helpful to go browse around that. And then we can talk again once admissions decisions come in (:
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  • PengsPhilsPengsPhils 4006 replies30 threadsForum Champion Northeastern, Forum Champion Math/Computer Science Forum Champion
    I suspect that admissions will limit your options here by acceptances anyways (I think all three are in the range of match to reach), but all 3 are solid business schools in a similar tier - If you're splitting hairs, I think a claim that BC has a slight edge is valid, but it's not miles and miles over Northeastern - I'm a Northeastern CS student and I'm working with multiple BC CS/business majors right now in the exact same job and exact same pay.

    While Bentley is more specialized in business, I think the argument o which is better can go either way.

    If you love Northeastern, you probably love co-op, and that alone can make it a better fit than BC or Bentley - it makes getting experience in the industry incredibly easy, and a student at Northeastern that takes 3 co-ops will have twice as much experience than a BC grad that does an internship every summer. The BC name does carry value to some employers, which is where the argument for its advantage comes in.

    Bentley - Match
    Northeastern and BC - Low to Middle Reach

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  • novafan1225novafan1225 683 replies19 threads Member
    Second that all are somewhere between match and reach. Visit the schools as they all felt completely different to me. I really didn't like Bentley at all (campus felt stale and isolated, students seemed bored and uninspired); BC was cool, but not for me (too religion heavy, not as "Boston" as I had thought, a little too liberal arts-y, though school spirit and campus were lively); Northeastern I obviously loved as I attend, drawn to the co-op program, the city campus, and the overall student body.
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