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Chances for Health Science major at NEU?

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Northeastern is my dream school and I've visited campus several times and liked it more each time. I've gone through a large majority of threads on here to try and gauge where I stand in relation to other applicants/accepted students, but would like another opinion.

White female, public school, rising senior
GPA: UW 3.84, W 4.2
Rank: 14/384
SAT: single sitting 1430 (R&W 760, Math 670). Plan on retaking this fall.
SAT II: World History 760
ACT: Have not taken yet but will this fall.
AP classes: World History (5), Psychology (probably 4/5), currently taking Statistics and Gov & Politics, next year I will take European History, Chemistry, Calc, World Lit, and Physics.

Waitressed last summer (150 hours)
Volunteering at hospital this summer (anticipate about 80-90 hours overall)
4 years varsity crew (8 seasons, I do it fall and spring)
3 years mock trial
Will be president of Rho Kappa (social studies honor society) this year
Member of NHS, NEHS (English), NAHS (Art)

I know Northeastern is pretty stats-driven, so I'm a little worried about my SAT score. Not sure about ECs either, but not too much I can do about them at this point. I plan on applying ED as well, to get any possible edge I can.

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Replies to: Chances for Health Science major at NEU?

  • julianstanleyjulianstanley 323 replies32 threads Member
    Does anyone else here know if we recruit for Crew? That may help OP's chances
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  • nanotechnologynanotechnology 2503 replies23 threads Senior Member
    Not sure if op is looking to continue crew or not. It's one of Northeastern's top sports, I think, though, so they'd probably have to be pretty good to be in the territory of recruitment and improving chances.
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