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Northeastern University 2019 RD

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Hi All,

This thread is for any discussion/decisions for RD admissions this year!

The official decision date is by April 1st, but historically decisions are released earlier, likely within the range of 3/13 to 3/21 of this year. It will also likely be Tuesday-Thursday with Wednesday being the most common weekday in recent application rounds. Decisions will roll out over a single day geographically radiating out from Boston starting around 4PM EST. A small group of acceptances was released around February 13th, but this is a tiny fraction of the applicant pool.

Some notes for those hearing back:

Release Times

Waves are released hourly on the hour, loosely by geography. Decisions are available on the portal on the hour with emails often coming 30 minutes or more after decisions are available, so if you're anxious to hear back I'd recommend checking hourly around when your location is expected to hear back. Here are some estimated time ranges:

New England: 4-6PM EST
Mid-Atlantic (PA, MD, VA, etc): 6-7PM EST
Southern States + Midwest: 7-8PM EST
West Coast: 8-9PM EST
International: Varies

Posting Decisions

To all those posting decisions, including the following info would be greatly helpful to people this year and especially in future years. The hope is to compile this information to give some numbers to future applicant pools. Feel free to post as much information of this as you are comfortable with. It shouldn't have to be said, but numbers do not define you, this is only for statistical purposes :)

Decision (and if deferred EA):
SAT/ACT (Superscore):
GPA (UW/W + Scale Info):
Did you apply for FA?:

Thanks and good luck to all!
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