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chance me for NE class 2024

itsurfavitsurfav 4 replies6 threadsRegistered User New Member
hi i’m a rising senior applying as a physics, biology, or engineering major - on a pre med track

i had a rough freshman year and my gpa was a 3.0 but sophomore year it brought it up to a 3.78 and junior year it was a 3.86

3.58 GPA
1330 SAT (680 EBRW 650 Math)
32 ACT (English 32, Math 28, Reading 34, Science 32) taking again in July
APs - APUSH, AP Bio, AP Lang, AP Physics, AP Lit, AP Calc AB

- worked in a lab; 10th-12th
- volunteer at local library; 7th-12th
- first chair viola in orchestra + play music in nursing homes with my quartet
- music project thru school; 11th-12th
- cooking class project with school grant; 11th-12th
- tutoring club; member 9th-10th but president 11th-12th
- tae kwon do black belt; since age 6 but took a break and came back to it in 11th
- congressional debater; part of debate team 9th-12th
- mock trial lawyer; 11th-12th
- tutor to middle school students
- writer for a lifestyle blog; 11th-12th
- scholastic art + writing honorable mention, 11th
- robotics team; 9th-12th

- hich honors since sophomore year

Biology teacher bc i made growth in their class
History teacher bc i worked on a separate project with them

i’m asian american + female

thank you for chancing me!
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Replies to: chance me for NE class 2024

  • MozartFan0418MozartFan0418 5 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    I would say its probably a reach. your GPA and SAT are both lower than the average for the incoming freshmen class. your ACT seems to be on point, so I would focus on that if that is your strong suit. Northeastern has become very competitive over the past couple of years. however, it is also pretty unpredictable I have seen them reject students with 1500+ on the SAT and admit students with stats close to yours. all I can say is that northeastern values demonstrated interest. they will flat out reject students with high stats if they think they are using northeastern as a safety school. so I would try to visit if you can and tour the school. you can also talk about why you like northeastern in your essay as well. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
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  • itsurfavitsurfav 4 replies6 threadsRegistered User New Member
    thank you so much! this helps a lot
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  • NUStatsNUStats 7 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    If you're taking the ACT, try to get it up to 34. On last year's EA thread, student after student was getting deferred with 33 on ACT, but 34s were making it in.
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  • MojiMojoMojiMojo 6 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    For the Fall 2019 admitted students, the middle 50% student profile is GPA 4.1-4.5, ACT 33-35 and SAT 1470-1550. The admission rate was 18%.

    Those are very competitive statistics, higher than some of the schools ranked in the 20s. With your current GPA and scores, it is a reach to get into NU. Try to get higher SAT or ACT scores. Explain the trajectory of your GPA. The good news is NU's admission is holistic and the admissions officers will consider situations like yours. If you demonstrate strong interest and apply through ED, your chances will be better.
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