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Chance Me for a stressed senior! (Lehigh, Boston College, Michigan, Mcgill, Rochester, NYU)

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Hi, I'm a rising senior that will soon be applying to college. I was just wondering the relative chances I had for Lehigh, BC, UMich, Mcgill, U of Rochester, and NYU. I will be applying to a pharmacy program at all these schools if they offer one. If not, I will major in biochemistry or chemistry. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chance me!

ACT = 35 superscored (35E, 35R, 35 M, 33S) and 32 composite (33E, 35M, 27R, 33S)
SAT = did not take
SAT Subjects = Chem (730) and Math 2 (800)
GPA (I know its on the low side) = 3.64 UW, 3.94 W --> took all honors and 1 AP in high school. Will be taking 4 APs senior year.

Extracurriculars =
Don't want to go to in depth, because I don't want anyone from my school knowing this is me haha. Will say I was pretty involved in school and have started my own club that reduces the stigma around people with mental disorders and disabilities, and I am the copresident of it. I am also one of the leaders of a huge volunteer club at my school, and am an attorney in mock trial. I have won several awards in debate as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I understand my GPA is very low but I really hope that colleges can see that there is more to me than just my grades.
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