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Hi! Could you chance me for Northeastern and maybe give me advice on how to deal with deferrals?

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(For the purpose of confidentiality, I'll go by E for this thread)
I applied for Northeastern EA and I'm new to this community, so I'm sorry if I'm doing something wrong, but could you chance me? I'm applying for 1st english 2nd poli sci.

Demographics: White female, middle class, Nevada, very large and highly competitive public school

Grades: weighted 4.6 unweighted: 3.8 (only B's for middle school classes and a couple math classes)

Scores: 35 ACT (35M 35S 36E 33R) SAT (790ELA 750M)
APs are all 5s and they're in Human Geography, Biology, Seminar, World History, US History, Eng Lang, Research, Environmental Science, Calc AB
(Taking 6 more APs this year)

ECs: Speech and Debate is my life
- lots of local tournament wins in a bunch of events (debate and interp)
- 2 years of debate captain
- vice pres this year
- a few nationals qualifications, early elimination rounds at Nats 2019
- couldn't go to many out of state tournaments because of financials (explained in additional info section)
- volunteering at local middle school speech and debate team 2hrs/week
- Board Game Club president at my school (more a personality thing than academic, but whatever)
- About 30hrs of political volunteering
- National Merit Semifinalist
- Other small clubs

Writing+Letters of Rec
- I'd say writing is my strongsuit. My personal statement is about rediscovering the power of writing and it's what I'm most confident in on my application
- I know my LOR are solid because they all decided to show me them already (I cried a bit reading them)

Overall, I guess I guess I'm most worried about ECs and them not standing out too much and of course no one is a shoe-in at schools like Northeastern. I'd just really like an outsider's perspective on how my application weighs.
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