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Question about grading in Northeastern University

Iamastudent13085Iamastudent13085 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi, I'm a new student at northeastern and have a question regarding about how grading in Northeastern works. For example, if I receive 35 out of 40 questions in an economics test, does that mean I receive a B+ for that as it is between 86~90 numerical scale? Or does the university compare what percentile I am standing out in the test and give a mark on that? Thank you and have a nice day
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Replies to: Question about grading in Northeastern University

  • PengsPhilsPengsPhils 4065 replies33 threadsForum Champion Northeastern, Forum Champion Math/Computer Science Forum Champion
    This is class-dependent, in both what a B+ is numerically and if there are curves. Your syllabus should make mention of it, and if not, ask the professor.

    That said, most follow the numerical grading patterns you'd expect and then usually curve the final grades if needed. I've never heard of a curve down, usually up, but that's typically in tough classes within tough subjects only.
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  • kiddiekiddie 3652 replies224 threads Senior Member
    Totally class dependent. My daughter had a great math teacher who said over and over my goal is for every student to perfectly master the material and I want you all to get A's. She had another teacher who on his syllabus said he would be curving the grades to a perfect bell curve even it if meant curving grades down. (In the end that didn't happen, he ended up curving the grades up).
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