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Ask Me Anything!


Replies to: Ask Me Anything!

  • amtcamtc Registered User Posts: 2,864 Senior Member
    Crimsonstained7 - most of the dorm rooms are overheated in the winter so extra blankets are not needed at all.

    My daughter has biked through most winters except for a few days when it was too cold/windy to do so. Yes, you need to lock your bike but it is rare when one is stolen. My daughter "lost" her bike one day and couldn't "find" it for a long time so she decided it must have been stolen. She goes and buys a new one and the next week she found hers again right where she left it. It's pretty safe but stealing a bike is a theft of opportunity so locking it is important.
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    Alright, sorry for the delay! I talked to my roommate and he said that, as far as freshmen theater-oriented extracurriculars go, you basically have two options: (1) student shows, and (2) improv groups. Getting cast in student shows is competitive, but a decent number of freshmen do make the cut. Improv is another story, however. The two main improv groups here, as you mentioned, are Mee-Ow and The Titanic Players. Apparently, Mee-Ow is literally impossible to get into as a freshman; it just doesn't happen. As far as Titanic is concerned, 115 people auditioned this year and only 9 were accepted (5 out of the 9 accepted were freshmen).

    That being said, my roommate is having the best time of his life in Titanic right now. He says it isn't stressful at all, the coaches are chill, and everyone is hilarious and down-to-Earth.
  • Crimsonstained7Crimsonstained7 Registered User Posts: 1,300 Senior Member
    I don't really know what bike locks are like; can you work them with gloves on? Because it'd be pretty annoying to have to fumble with your lock, in the snow, without gloves. I guess I'm not used to sidewalks and such being shoveled, because no one knows what to do with the one snow we get a year :-) I haven't visited, Chicago's too far away in distance, time, and money. Hopefully I'll know what you mean by next year :-)

    I'll be sad to not be able to bundle up in the cold, but I'll manage.
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    You can ABSOLUTELY work them with gloves on! Especially the u-locks, since they require a key, but cable locks aren't really a struggle, either. And don't worry, they do a good job of getting rid of the snow in Chicago (and Evanston!), especially because they know that hundreds of students will be traversing the icy paths; the last thing the college wants is for someone to fall and get hurt.
  • Crimsonstained7Crimsonstained7 Registered User Posts: 1,300 Senior Member
    Yeah, I'm used to a few inches (if that) taking down nearly every single workplace and school. I'm glad they thought of making it work with gloves on, haha.
  • NBCbyNatureNBCbyNature Registered User Posts: 19 New Member

    Holy...wow. Okay. That sounds ridiculously competitive, but I've taken a few classes at improv theaters in New York, so maybe I'll be one of those lucky five next year. I'm dying to be involved in the improv scene at NU (well, I have to get in first).

    Do you know anything about the Comm Residential College? I haven't heard much about it except that its facilities are pretty crappy but it sounds interesting to me as a potential RTVF major. Willard is the other Res College I would look into, if it helps for you to contrast the two.

    Also, I've heard about getting sophomore standing as a freshman through AP credits at NU. How common is that/do you know anyone who's done it?
  • CentralFCCentralFC Registered User Posts: 412 Member
    Hey all.

    I'd totally be willing to help out with any questions. Just PM me if you have anything rather specific to ask and I'd love to help out. I don't want to hijack this very generous fellow's thread!
  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with CRC. However, if you are serious about RTVF, I would definitely recommend at least trying to get in, as I think you would benefit greatly from being around like-minded peers. Of course, if you were to choose to live somewhere else, the opposite argument can be made that it's nice to be exposed to different social environments; again, however, I would recommend at least trying to get into CRC. As a side note, you'll find your a LOT of Commies in Willard as well, and the facilities are fantastic, if that influences your decision at all. You can read some more specific opinions about Willard in a post I made earlier in this thread. One last thing to think about is whether you want a large dorm or a smaller one; CRC tops out at about 100 residents, whereas Willard has almost 300.

    I don't know anyone who has sophomore standing in WCAS, as you can only use AP credits to fulfill two out of twelve distribution requirements; you can simply use the others to place into higher-level classes. However, the SoC is obviously going to have different requirements and policies regarding the the use of AP credit. If you start at page 25 in the PDF, you can read about SoC's distribution requirements in more detail: http://www.communication.northwestern.edu/student_resource_center/requirements/guide.pdf
  • CE527MCE527M Registered User Posts: 4,989 Senior Member
    Look at all of these willing NU Freshmen! Thank you!

    OK, here`s a couple generic questions, but I just wanted to get a feel for it all. (My mom was class of `81, so most of the information she has for me is irrelevant now, and I usually get some answers of "I don`t remember", so....)

    1) What`s your favorite part about Northwestern?

    2) Least favorite?

    3) What`s the hardest thing about it?

    4) Any other general advice?

  • cowboycliche022cowboycliche022 Registered User Posts: 224 Junior Member

    Don't worry about hijacking! I hope both Northwestern students and alumni will offer their opinions in an attempt to create a more empirical understanding our the school.
  • FourFiveFourFive Registered User Posts: 9 New Member

    Don't worry. You will have plenty of opportunity to bundle up when you go outside during the winter. Last winter was very mild but generally speaking, winter in Chicago/Evanston is very cold.
  • Crimsonstained7Crimsonstained7 Registered User Posts: 1,300 Senior Member
    45, Oh, trust me, I'm already prepping, haha. I've been purposely leaving my jacket unzipped, and such to get used to the 45 with windchill, so 0 degrees doesn't seem TOO cold, :-D
  • CentralFCCentralFC Registered User Posts: 412 Member

    I'll answer one of those questions as the others have been touched on fairly often in past and current threads.

    The most difficult part about NU is undoubtedly the quarter system structure. Having two major tests every 10 weeks, with a final exam at the end, really can become stressful. Whereas our counterparts at other institutions have major tests once every five to six weeks, we're studying for them almost weekly--and that is by no means an exaggeration. There are a lot of opportunities give to ensure success on these exams, as professors routinely link students to past exams and solutions, review problems, etc. Sure, the material may be challenging at times, depending on what you're taking, but the structure will always be a hindrance.

    With that being said, it forces the student to prioritize. Instead of potentially falling behind as some would in a semester system, students are forced to keep up on the material. So, in that way, I really do enjoy the quarter system. And, obviously, we're given 12 classes per year as opposed to eight. That really allows for some flexibility in one's pursuit of majors and minors.
  • lukelev07lukelev07 Registered User Posts: 231 Junior Member
    Have you spen a lot of time on the lake fill park... There is a spot by one if the bridges where hundreds of fish like to hang out... You should check it out..
  • rapfan313rapfan313 Registered User Posts: 209 Junior Member
    @crimsonstained, im ready to do the same, well as best as i can in cali, but i hope to be admitted first. no need to subject myself to that if im not going to get accepted. but should i be accepted, i'll be keeping myself as cold as possible ;)
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