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Do I have any chance of getting into Northwestern??

ncccc1701ncccc1701 124 replies13 threads Junior Member
I'll be applying RD (obviously) to Weinberg as a prospective English major/History minor

SAT: CR: 760 M: 720 W: 780 (2260 composite)
GPA: (Unweighted) 95.67
Extracurriculars: Heavily involved in Music - Section leader, marching band, pep band, pit band, jazz band, 1st chair in advanced wind ensemble, 1st flute in orchestra (winter/spring), leader of the flute quartet, etc. I also play 4 instruments (flute, piccolo, alto/tenor saxophone, and clarinet).
Secretary of Habitat for Humanity (Many many hours of community service)
Literary Magazine for one year (the teacher who was running it stopped doing it, and the person who took over is awful. I just HAD to leave)
Tri-M Music Honors Society
Foreign Language Honors Society
Wrote a 35,000+ word novel for National Novel Writing Month.
I also work part-time at a historical museum, which is sort of interesting.

Essay: My APLit teacher says it was very unique; she has never read one like it. My old English teacher helped me edit it, and he said it was outstanding. As for the NU Supplement, I believe it shows a high level of interest and is stylistically sophisticated.

Recommendations: bound to be fabulous. I got one from the English teacher who helped me on my essay. He knows me super duper well and is extremely intelligent.

The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that I didn't take a lot of honors/AP in my first two years of high school (I don't want to make excuses, my parents had marital issues which took a toll on my schoolwork). But now I'm in all AP classes and doing quite well. I really started to work to my full potential in 10th and 11th grade; I went from a 92.7 average in my freshman year to a 98.9 in my junior year with 100's in honors and AP classes. Do you think they would appreciate the upward trend in my GPA, granted I maintain it throughout senior year?

Do I stand a chance at accepted to Northwestern? I've fallen in love with this school.
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Replies to: Do I have any chance of getting into Northwestern??

  • ncccc1701ncccc1701 124 replies13 threads Junior Member
    *Please excuse the typo at the bottom. Should be "getting accepted into Northwestern". My bad
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  • queserrvaqueserrva 88 replies9 threads Junior Member
    SAT is solid. GPA and high school record is what they are looking for. ECs are outstanding (wrote a novel??!!! Excellent). If your recs and essays are true to what you say, I think the only thing that you would need are SAT II, and an interview to further bolster your chances.

    It's not too late to take the SAT II. NU will still accept them in mid January. I think you are definitely competitive and have a good chance of getting in! But realize RD this year will be very competitive (5-7% acceptance rate).

    Also mention your circumstances that caused you to not take APs in your fresh/sophomore year in the additional info section.

    Good luck. I hope to see you at Weinberg next year!!
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  • HeisenbergykHeisenbergyk 258 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Great stats and diversity, make sure to explain your situation with AP classes as a freshman/sophomore in additional info, or maybe even in the essay section. I would try to play off your diverse ECs in the essay because that's what's going to separate you from the general pools of applicants applying. Good luck!
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  • ncccc1701ncccc1701 124 replies13 threads Junior Member
    @queserrva @Heisenbergyk‌ Thank you both for the advice! So it would be to my benefit to describe my family situation in the additional info section? I always felt like it was too personal, but it definitely explains a lot.

    I regret not visiting/not applying ED, but my family could never make the trip since we live all the way in New York. I know NU really wants students who are passionate about the school and really want to go there.

    RD is going to be tough this year, but I will definitely apply anyway :) Thanks again!
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  • queserrvaqueserrva 88 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Haha yes, I dare to say that it was my additional info that further described my circumstances (very personal) and got me admitted. Explain explicitly even the slightest thing. For example, I talked about what caused me to get 2 B's my freshman year lol.
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  • ncccc1701ncccc1701 124 replies13 threads Junior Member
    @queserrva‌ Haha oh wow, I definitely will! Would you be willing to read mine over real quick, just to see if what I wrote is acceptable? :)
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  • PurpleTitanPurpleTitan 13433 replies31 threads Senior Member
    The RD round is simply a crapshoot since there are so many applicants for a limited number of slots, but you should have a competitive app. Essays are important, though.
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  • efr009efr009 77 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @ncccc1701, my S got in last year with RD and he didn't take any AP classes first two years. He had total 6 AP classes three junior year and three senior year. So you should be fine with AP class. I don't know what major you applied but Northwestern is very competitive with Music major and extremely difficulty to get in its Music School. Good Luck.
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