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Weinberg or School of Communication?

alwaysworriedalwaysworried 5 replies5 threads New Member
Hi! I've been freaking out over choosing which Northwestern school to apply to; Weinberg or the School of Communication. Because for my whole high school career I haven't really known what I wanted to do for a career, so I was planning to apply to Weinberg, but I joined my school's journalism publication just this year and I really like it. I'm also taking psychology and sociology this year, which have made me realize that I'm really interested in the interpersonal relations and communications between people, which makes me wonder if I should apply for the Communication major at Northwestern. The thing is, my extracurriculars (mostly music and volunteering with kids) don't really show this new interest in communication, so I'm wondering if I should apply to the Weinberg College instead and, if I got in and my interest in communications stays, transfer over to the School of Communication? But would it be harder to do this? So I guess my questions would be

1) Is it possible to transfer/how easy is it to transfer from Weinberg to the School of Communication?

2) But would it be easier to transfer from the School of Communication to Weinberg?

3) If I wanted to double major in a department in Weinberg AND the School of Communication, would I have to transfer to the School of Communication anyways?

4) Based on my background, which Northwestern school do you think I should apply to?

Thanks so much for reading this!
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Replies to: Weinberg or School of Communication?

  • HeisenbergykHeisenbergyk 258 replies3 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2014
    I'm not a 100% sure, but transferring schools in Northwestern is really easy with little to no restrictions once you get admitted. Since your really not expected to know your exact major as a freshman, I would apply to the school that best fits what you are qualified for based off High School and keep in mind the major requirements you might need if you decide to add/switch to a different major later when picking your schedule. It sounds like you should stick with your original plan to apply to Weinberg, and then you could always add a Communications major fairly easy later, but you'd have to look up more details on how to do that later (like I said NU makes it easier than most colleges to take classes from different schools so I think you would be ok not directly applying to the communication school). I would do a little more research yourself to be sure before you officially apply: Use this http://www.weinberg.northwestern.edu/handbook/first-year/first-year-courses/first-year-focus-webpages.html and the equivalent page for the communication school to look up major ideas. Whatever you decide, good luck!
    edited December 2014
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  • thatrunnerkidthatrunnerkid 513 replies21 threads Member
    I am not sure about transferring from Weinberg to the School of Comm, but I transferred from Weinberg to McCormick and it was sooo easy. Based on the info in this link I found, it seems even easier to transfer to the School of Comm: all you have to do is fill out a form and talk to an adviser, and the advisers (at least the ones in McCormick) are super helpful. It looks like its the same going the other way.

    Link: http://www.registrar.northwestern.edu/forms/interschool_transfer.html

    Dual majors with one major in Weinberg are counted as students in the non-Weinberg school. I don't have a written source for this, but I know people who are doing so and that is the case with them.

    The decision about which school to apply to is up to you. One way that you might be able to figure it out though would be to think about for which school you could make a more personally (not necessarily backed up by high school ECs, but it can be) compelling claim about why you should be admitted; that could then become the backbone for your essay as well.

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  • alwaysworriedalwaysworried 5 replies5 threads New Member
    Great, thank you guys so much! I'm still deciding, but you guys have given me a much clearer picture and I think it'll be easier to decide now; thank you!!
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  • wildcat2019wildcat2019 19 replies2 threads New Member
    Another thing to think about: In Weinberg you don't have to declare your major until your Sophomore year. I do not know what it is in the Communication school though.
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  • lewp64lewp64 14 replies0 threads New Member
    I have exactly the same question, only I'm interested in Medill (school of journalism). Is Medill more competitive than Weinberg or the Communication school, and or subject to greater inter-school transfer restrictions? Any insights much appreciated!
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  • thatrunnerkidthatrunnerkid 513 replies21 threads Member
    I have no idea about how tough admissions are school-to-school, but the link in my previous post describes the transfer process.
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  • NorthwesternDadNorthwesternDad 538 replies17 threads Member
    Typically the transfer process is not tough at NU between schools.
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