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Chance Me Northwestern

jsweets17jsweets17 174 replies21 threads Junior Member
I know I have posted before, but some updated stats

Applying ED to Northwestern… to Medill for Broadcast Journalism. Here are the stats.

GPA: Above 4.0 UW, 4.5 Weighted. No B's in high school
Classes: 2 honors- Freshman (no APs available),
3 honors and AP US1 Sophomore- (1 AP available),
AP Lit, AP US2, AP Environmental Science, AP Computer Science, AP Psych, Honors Latin- Junior (and Academic Calc, but not interested in math and already a year ahead of most kids)
AP Lit, AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Chem, AP Euro History, Honors Latin, Academic Prob/Stat- Senior

Took 3 classes over the summer over my high school years.

SAT- Math- 800 Writing- 740 Reading- 670 --- TOTAL- 2210

ECs- Habitat for Humanity 4 years, Make-a-Wish club 3 years, Television station 4 year (Freshman year-technical director and control room worker for 3 shows a week in our high school, Soph/Junior/Senior sports anchor), Newspaper (Contributer 4 years, sports editor Sophomore, Editor in Chief Junior and Senior), National Honors Society, Latin Honors Society, History Honors society, (leadership position all 3), started a tutoring program to help kids in elementary schools with their work. Visited the school every week to help out.

Attended advanced sports broadcasting camp and at the camp hosted own 10-minute sports show. Ran by two leading figures in broadcasting industry

Interest in school: Summer program and Medill, tour at the campus, great interview

Recommendations: From 1 outside of school- big figure in the broadcasting industry- fantastic, Lit/Newspaper- fantastic, ----both 10/10s

Volunteered in the Dominican Republic the summer before junior year to help the locals rebuild home, create better living arrangements, and integrate the English language and American culture to the underprivileged locals.

Volunteered in Peru the summer before senior year doing similar things I did in the DR

Sent picture of myself in Northwestern sweatshirt to space and got footage of it!

Intern at National Swim meet freshman year, published on the biggest swimming website in the world.

Contacted by Cartoon Network for some of my broadcasting work

Awards- National Latin Exam highest possible award all four years.

White, from Public school. No financial aid requested.

Essay- Was a work of art- 10/10

Concerns: Is SAT reading too low especially for Medill? Or can the relevant and great ECs overlook that?

Chance me.
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Replies to: Chance Me Northwestern

  • alafaealafae 406 replies13 threads Member
    Applying ED or RD??
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  • HawkaceHawkace 2396 replies85 threads Senior Member
    @alafae My assumption is that he/she is applying ED next year.
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  • jsweets17jsweets17 174 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Ed next year
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  • alafaealafae 406 replies13 threads Member
    I think you definitely have a great shot! Reading MIGHT be a little too low for Medill, but your activities show immense interest in journalism and related stuff. Just keep in mind that this year's RD going to be extremely difficult (approx 5% acceptance) if you're doing RD. If it's ED, I'll be certain you'll be admitted if you do write good essays and have good recommendations!
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  • HeisenbergykHeisenbergyk 258 replies3 threads Junior Member
    If your this well prepared a year in advance, I would say you'll have absolutely no problem getting into Northwestern!
    Since you have so much time, you could try to retake the SAT (usually with more knowledge after your Sophomore/Junior year it's easier to score higher on a second attempt) and take some SAT II's in some subjects your strong in (but if you do bad DONT summit them, especially if the material doesn't match your HS's course material). Alternatively you could try the ACT too. But your ECs and grades are amazing, so I don't think any improvement in test scores would really matter. If you do ED I would say you have a high shot at admission (and with good essays and recommendations, even higher). Good Luck!
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  • musicgirl116musicgirl116 13 replies8 threads New Member
    Your stats look really good. If you're really interested in journalism you should apply for the Medill cherubs program over the summer too! http://cherubs.medill.northwestern.edu/2014/
    Best of luck!
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  • NyawkeNyawke 28 replies9 threads Junior Member
    wow,just wow
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