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Northwestern vs UCLA

bweeblerbweebler 46 replies21 threads Junior Member
Hi all! I was lucky enough to be admitted to both of these institutes but now I'm having trouble deciding where to go.

The main things I'm deciding between are the fact that I love UCLA's social life. I believe that college is the time to learn as well as have fun and learn about yourself and UCLA's thriving social life is due to their top athletics and just overall student it attracts. I also plan on going greek. Not that I'm saying Northwestern is a ghost town but it surely can't compare to UCLA. I also plan on working on either coast and I'm not sure what NU's reputation is in the East but considering UCLA is on the west coast, there is more knowledge of it here. I am hesitant because I visited UCLA this weekend (during their spring break) and did not love it/see myself there. Hopefully it's just because there were no students!

The reason why Northwestern is still in my mind is because I *THINK* it's higher ranked and trust me I know rankings mostly mean nothing but I was wondering if anyone had any insight into whether the difference in rankings between these two would make a difference for my future employer or if it's negligible. The other reason is because I'm from San Diego and going to NU would just allow me to experience new things whether it's new people or weather. The intimacy of a private, smaller school is also really appealing.

Can anyone here attest to Northwestern and finding employers, their social life/greek experience, or campus life in general it would be very helpful!
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Replies to: Northwestern vs UCLA

  • bweeblerbweebler 46 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Bumppp can any current students speak on the social scene mainly sports and Greek life
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  • osuprofosuprof 428 replies28 threads Member
    Not a current student and no direct knowledge of matters.

    However, if you are getting in-state tuition at UCLA and are full pay at NU, I will not see the justification.

    If what you are paying is comparable, I feel that a private school like NU creates more opportunities because of having fewer students and better student/faculty ratio.
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  • bweeblerbweebler 46 replies21 threads Junior Member
    @osuprof pay is about even thank you for your feedback!
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  • bweeblerbweebler 46 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Anyone else?
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  • CaliCashCaliCash 2759 replies69 threads Senior Member
    I am currently a student at Northwestern. The difference in job opportunities for UCLA grads and Northwestern grads are negligible, if not non existent. I grew up on the east coast and everyone knows about UCLA. About half of people on campus go Greek, so there is a noticeable greek culture here. UCLA definitely beats us when it comes to school spirit and athletics but Northwestern has way better athletic facilities then UCLA. Our basketball arena is in the process of being completely renovated and a new athletic facility is opening on campus this fall.
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  • moooopmoooop 2204 replies17 threads Senior Member
    As Evanston is still dealing with snow in mid-April, only the hardiest of Wildcats are going to claim this is a tough choice.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11537 replies153 threads Senior Member
    @beweebler: Your posts in this thread leave out a very important point--that you want a career in investment banking.

    Northwestern is a target or semi-target school for most prestigious IB firms; not sure about UCLA.
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  • 10s4life10s4life Forum Champion UCLA 2508 replies53 threads Forum Champion
    @bweebler I think you committed to Ucla since I just answered your biz Econ question on the Ucla forum. But to answer your other question here, Ucla Greek life is not only a big part of Ucla social life and really makes for a complete college experience.
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  • bweeblerbweebler 46 replies21 threads Junior Member
    @Publisher @10s4life it’s June and I already committed to Ucla for a plethora of reasons but thank you for your inputs I really appreciate it!
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  • jototojototo 29 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I know it has been a year since you made your decision. I have a son who is facing the same dilemma, NU OR UCLA.
    We are from the SF Bay area so California is all he knows. He is not deterred by the weather in Chicago either. In fact, he found Chicago to be a vibrant place with many young people.
    He has a college fund so money is not part of the decision.
    However, will NU open more doors for better startup jobs? He is planning to study Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Finance. Will NU open more doors in consulting or IB jobs than UCLA?
    How do you feel now after one year AT UCLA?
    He is planning to attend Bruin day on 4/13 and also intends to go to NU for a second time.
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  • osuprofosuprof 428 replies28 threads Member

    If your son is interested in industrial engineering with emphasis on finance, you may want to note a couple of things. First, it is very easy to double major in IE and Economics at NU.


    The link above describes how classes cross-count and one does need additional time or an overload of classes.

    Second, kellogg certificate offers a very valuable opportunity. In fact, IE + Econ meets all prereqs for kellogg certificate, and then it is only 4 classes more. Assuming modest number of AP credits (e.g. 5 in Calc BC and something else), one can do IE + Econ + Kellogg Certificate without an overload or additional time. Because NU does not have a business undergrad major, Kellogg Certificate students seem to get an upper hand in business undergrad recruiting, and I think most of them finish up going for investment banking or consulting.

    In my research for my son, I didn't come across such a combination elsewhere (except possibly Penn M&T program, but it is incredibly hard to get admitted to). I didn't look at opportunities specifically at UCLA though.
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  • skieuropeskieurope 41016 replies7681 threads Super Moderator
    I know it has been a year since you made your decision
    Indeed. And the OP is long gone from this site. Old threads should be used for research, but should not be needlessly revived. Closing thread.
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