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Best Dorms on Campus??

dryorangedryorange 59 replies7 threads Junior Member
Finishing up my house ranking preferences and was hoping I could get some suggestions to which dorms are best. I am hoping to stay at a newer dorm that is somewhat social, but not a party dorm (Bobb). I am a sophomore transfer econ major, so I am not sure where most my classes will be. I would also like to be with more freshman so it is easier to meet people. Is there still a lottery this year? If so, how does it work? I read somewhere that you select the room yourself, so I would assume my list would not really matter. Thanks in advance

Here is my ranking so far:
1. 560 Lincoln
2. 1838 Chicago
3. Kemper Hall
4. Shepard Hall
5. Elder
6. Allison
7. Willard
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Replies to: Best Dorms on Campus??

  • HPTD12HPTD12 86 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I lived at both Willard and 560 Lincoln many years ago before they were renovated. If you are an econ major transfer trying to meet freshmen, then I suggest Willard as it is on the south side of campus closer to most economics classes/academic buildings and it is a residential college, so you can come back there your junior year if you want without taking your chances on the lottery. Willard is a delightful building in the south quads with easy access to downtown Evanston. The above said, I had a great view of the lighthouse at 560 Lincoln.
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  • nugraddadnugraddad 1325 replies13 threads Senior Member
    IMHO - Slivka is the best, (central air, elevator, suites & Lisa's Cafe) but this might be helpful: http://apps.northbynorthwestern.com/housing/2018/

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  • aoghost50aoghost50 4 replies0 threads New Member
    I would prioritize the North v. South debate first before creating the list. North campus is definitely more lively and social, due to the proximity to the Frat houses. However, it is not that South campus dorms not social. North campus dorms are just more convenient during the colder times of year, and basically permits easier access to social events such as parties. South is closer to downtown Evanston, and restaurants. So, people who aren't really going to eat at the dining halls for whatever reason find it convenient to do so as well. Yet, it is important to note that South campus has better dining options. Second thing to consider is classes. Econ is a very, very common major and is almost always paired with something else. If you are going to learn to taking more STEM centered classes apart from Econ then North campus would be closer to those lecture halls. If you are taking more humanities based classes apart from Econ then I would say South campus is the more convenient option.
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  • jchoi927jchoi927 2 replies1 threads New Member
    @aoghost50 do you think majors would really matter in freshman year because of the requirement classes?
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