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Northwestern Transfer Applicants Fall 2019

NinjahatoriNinjahatori 4 replies3 threads New Member
It's a bit early, but I figured I'd get the ball rolling!

I am a student at one of the top 25 public schools currently in the College of Engineering
Should have a 3.76 cummulative college GPA by the end of this semester
30 ACT (will retake) and will be taking subject tests
High school GPA 3.4 UW, 3.8 W (bleh, I know)
Took every AP offered in HS except one, most of my courses were AP/Honors, with some dual enrollment
Major: Double major Comp Sci and Japanese
Current course load: 18 credit hours
C Programming
Intro Japanese
Japanese History
Cybersecurity Seminar
Applied Music
And credit hours that I recieve for my research

My main EC's in high school were: Independent Biology research, school and regional science fair awards, Scholastic gold key in writing, Head editor for school lit journal, helped found the Gay straight alliance and became president, National Honor Society, lots of volunteering with Science Club, Two different part time jobs from Junior yr summer to graduation, Leadership team, taught myself japanese because it was not offered at school, caring for my disabled family member, and babysitting

My EC's in college are: Student council diversity commitee, Reasearch in Artificial Intelligence, Internship at an AI company, Taught myself how to play an instrument and started taking lessons recently, Martial Arts, Cybersecurity Club, Gay straight Alliance, selected for National President sponsored philanthropy program (My goal is to be working towards developing legislation to protect LGBT students) Japanese speakers club, will be studying abroad in Japan this summer, I had a full time job during my gap semester in retail that I may go back to, but I'm not sure if I should mention it on my app.

I know it's a shot in the dark, but I went through a lot of sickness my last semester of senior year and my first semester of college, and it impacted my grades. I also took a semester off to work and save money, and one of the grandparents who raised me was terminally ill, so I needed to help my family. I have an interesting background coming from a poor mountain town and being raised on my grandparent's farm, and I plan to write my essays about the work ethic that I developed through helping my grandparents with their work, and how I want to carry on their legacy and make them proud. They were too poor to recieve an education, and I want to honor my late grandfather with the power of knowledge.
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Replies to: Northwestern Transfer Applicants Fall 2019

  • FaexpopuliFaexpopuli 50 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Howdy ho~
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  • manaralrubayemanaralrubaye 3 replies1 threads New Member
    I know its a bit early, but I really want to know my chances.
    High school GPA: IB school with 3.6 comulative GPA
    Highschool involvement:
    ER Hospital Volunteer
    Immigrant Tutor in English
    Friends of Islam Club
    LGBTQ Club
    Harry Potter Alliance
    National Honor Society
    German Honor Society
    Marquette University (top private undergraduate school)
    GPA: hopefully at least a 3.7 by end of semester.
    Minority Enrichment Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin (4 year program thats very selective)
    Hospital Volunteer once a week
    Neuroscience Lab Research with biomedical sciences professor (cocaine addiction with testing on rats. My position is lab surgeon.
    Major: Biomedical sciences (pre-med track)
    ACT: 29
    Job: Care provider for my mom's disability.
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  • AQArgoAQArgo 55 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Looks like we are a bit early! Extremely excited at the possibility of entering Northwestern as well, and I'm sure we will be stressing out together come decision time. Here are my stats quickly for those who want to see how they faired me come May/whenever we get results back:

    Kelley School of Business (IU): Top 10 Undergraduate Business School
    Major: Economics/Consulting/Finance
    HS GPA: 3.89
    ACT: 32
    College GPA: 3.91
    College/HS Extracurriculars: PGN Business Fraternity Member, Economics Club, DECA Business Club, Varsity Volleyball
    Personal Hook: I have a personal e-commerce business where I have sold over 200+ sneakers and apparel all over the world, even selling to Ian Connor, the previous personal fashion designer for Kanye West, and great friend of ASAP Rocky. I have done this for around five years now and I owe a large majority of my passion for business as a result of my company.
    Recommendations: One from Informatics professor, another from Business Ethics professor.
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/American
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  • AshtashAshtash 644 replies26 threads Member
    edited December 2018
    I'm currently a political science major at Northeastern.

    High School GPA: 3.85 UW/4.28 W (doesn't rank but probably top 12%)

    ACT: 33
    Current College GPA: 4.0
    High school ECs: mock trial captain, big mock trial awards, founded non-profit, debate, some really good leadership positions/did important things with these positions, some other stuff

    College: Leadership in student government, 20 hr/week internship, may do research next semester, still running non-profit

    Essays: Really good at these, so hoping they'll be great

    LORs: Should be good. Have high As in the classes of the professors I'm asking for LORs from. One of the knows me really well because of my research interests and I participate a lot in the other class
    edited December 2018
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  • orangeclockworkorangeclockwork 30 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hi all- I just finished my first quarter at NU as a transfer student on the pre-med track, so feel free to message me if you have any questions about the transfer process or anything at NU! Best of luck to everyone :)
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  • gapyearapplicantgapyearapplicant 95 replies25 threads Junior Member
    College Stats:
    GPA: 3.93
    Biology Major currently
    Credits Completed at time of application: 29
    Current School: University of Miami

    Courses taken:
    General Biology I (4 Credits) - A+
    General Biology I Lab (1 Credit) - A
    General Biology II (4 Credits) - A+
    General Biology II & Lab (1 Credit) - A
    General Chemistry I (3 Credits) - A+
    General Chemistry I Lab (1 Credit) - B
    Introduction to Statistics (3 Credits) - A
    Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits) - A+
    English Composition II (3 Credits) - A-
    Philosophy of Brain and Neuroscience (3 Credits) - A+
    First Years Seminar in Lit (3 Credits) - A

    High School Stats
    ACT: 33
    GPA: 3.45 (Strong upward trend in senior year - straight A's - Full IB Diploma)

    - I run an NGO/Charity in Pakistan for Educational development of schools (my main Extracurricular I have some less relevant ones not worth mentioning)
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  • min517min517 10 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey everyone! I'm applying as a sophomore transfer for fall 2019 as well:) Here are my stats:

    Current school: top 20 private university
    Race: white and Native American (Cherokee Nation)
    Gender: female
    Home state: Ohio
    ACT: 35 composite (36M, 36S, 34E, 34R)
    High school GPA: 4.936 weighted
    Class rank (high school): 1/305

    College GPA: 4.00 (no honors program available as freshman, but I took a very full course load with notorious premed weed-out classes)
    High school ECs: competitive gymnast from 2008-2018 (stopped due to torn achilles), varsity cross country runner (HS), private viola lessons, peer tutoring, Key Club treasurer
    College ECs: Figure skating club president and founder, Women in STEM club member, tutor for Varsity Tutors, nanoscience lab research job
    Intended major: Materials science and engineering

    Awards/honors: Junior Olympic gymnastics gold medalist, three-time Junior Olympic gymnastics silver medalist, two-time Junior Olympic gymnastics bronze medalist, US national gymnastics champion, US national gymnastics bronze medalist, fifteen-time Ohio state gymnastics champion, six-time Ohio state gymnastics silver medalist, six-time Ohio state gymnastics bronze medalist, Ohio High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete award, valedictorian, Summa Cum Laude latin honors, University of Cincinnati Behavioral Science Award, Ohio Soybean Association Research Award, Anderson Hills Educational Foundation Scholarship, Dean's list, and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Fraternity.

    Hooks: Junior Olympic gold medalist and US national champion in gymnastics, had to provide for family due to long-term medical issues last fall and winter while balancing school, ECs, and applications

    Reasons for transferring: my current school does not have an engineering department, emphasis on undergraduate research involvement, students are passionate about more than just their school work

    I applied as a freshman, but my application was really scattered due to severe family problems at the time where I had take over as one of the heads of household temporarily. I'm really hoping for applications this year to go better:) Best of luck to everyone applying!
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  • pozzlepozzle 29 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Wow, just looking at this thread so far... Yeah I might just forget about NU... ROFL.

    Still debating if the app cost is worth a shot, but I will post my stats if I decide to.
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  • vbstrvctchicvnovbstrvctchicvno 14 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi @orangeclockwork, I was wondering if you could explain when the approximate decision time is for NU transfer applicants? The website said that "decisions will released on a rolling basis after the deadline", which confused me because I can't tell if it's rolling, non-rolling, or starting as non-rolling and then becomes rolling after the deadline. I'm not sure if you'd have an answer for this but I'm just very curious and confused, thank you!
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  • vbstrvctchicvnovbstrvctchicvno 14 replies0 threads New Member
    Everyone here has such incredible stats, I suppose it's customary to post them, here mine are! I'm not quite sure what to all post so I'll just say what I think could be relevant. I know it's very competitive for admissions into NU but I just wanted to shoot my shot, nothing to lose!

    Mathematics Major
    Currently in my 4th semester
    Cumulative GPA 3.76
    3.56 (HR), 3.96 (DL), 4.00 (DL)
    Worked 40 hrs/wk during my first year
    Just finished my first finance internship this month, started in the summer (2018)
    Obtained an Actuarial internship in Baltimore for the upcoming summer
    Currently tutoring Mathematics, Physics, and Accounting
    Doing research in Number Theory this semester
    National Society of Leadership and Success member (honor society chapter on my campus)
    Gamma Iota Sigma Actuarial Science Fraternity member
    Latino and Bilingual
    Treasurer/Executive Board position in my schools Student Organization for Latinos
    Organization of Latino Actuaries (member), won scholarship last summer to attend the ALPFA conference in Vegas
    Came into freshman year with about 30 credits from AP and CAPP courses
    I've taken a wide range of courses including Gen. Physics sequence, Fin./Man. Accounting sequence, a plethora of Mathematics/Statistics courses, Computer Science sequence in OOP&D, Macro/micro economics and Time Series Analysis/Forecasting
    Of course I've also taken some Humanities, Sociology, Writing, and Speech (the requirements for my degree at my current institution)

    I wish the best to everyone!
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  • orangeclockworkorangeclockwork 30 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited February 18
    Hey @vbstrvctchicvno So in terms of the timeline- NU will release the transfer decisions in batches, not at all once like many schools do when you are applying as a senior in high school. The transfer process is a bit more of a mystery, as you do not know exactly when your decision will come out. Typically, about a month or so after the application deadline, decisions will be released on one day of the week for the first batch of applicants, and then in subsequent weeks they will usually release more batches on the same day of the week at the same time. Some schools have trends where their first few releases are rejections, some schools release their acceptances first. The point being that if you do not hear within the first few weeks, it does not necessarily mean anything unless you know the school you are waiting to hear from follows one of the those specific patterns (even then there are always exceptions). Also, when you submit your application does not appear to have much an impact on when you hear your decision. For NU, typically SoC decisions have been released in later batches, but that's just an observation I made from previous years and was really the only one I was paying attention to last year since it was where I applied. I hope that helps and please feel free to ask me anything! Best of luck!
    edited February 18
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  • sstayingpositivesstayingpositive 63 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @orangeclockwork is SoC school of communications?
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  • AyeitsethoAyeitsetho 18 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hi all,
    I have applied as a Chemical Engineer to NU.
    Has anybody else done the same? If so, we can discuss our stats, EC's, etc!
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  • orangeclockworkorangeclockwork 30 replies0 threads Junior Member
  • AyeitsethoAyeitsetho 18 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Does anybody's common app say your transcripts have been received? Mine has been stuck on "not received" for quite some time now. I contacted NU and they told me they are just beginning to process all of the transfer materials and it should show up on the common app soon that my transcripts have been received.
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  • brandonbkobrandonbko 38 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Does anyone else have trouble putting paragraph breaks in their common app
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  • genedorbustgenedorbust 71 replies5 threads Junior Member

    i think everyone does. i can only imagine the nightmare for adcoms but it seems the reality is they won't see your essays split into paragraphs.
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  • brandonbkobrandonbko 38 replies16 threads Junior Member
    does anyone's portal say Logins to this account have been temporarily blocked?
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  • AyeitsethoAyeitsetho 18 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @brandonbko my portal does not display that message. Does anybody know when we should be expecting admissions decisions?

    Also, my "stats" are:
    I'm applying as a ChemE in McCormick
    I go to a community college in Illinois.
    My GPA is 3.87(two B's; one in speech -bad teacher- and one in organic chem 1)
    Co-captain of Speech and Debate Team
    President of Sustainability Club
    Established honeybee hive scholarship
    Worked a ton ever since I was sixteen
    Member of Phi Theta Kappa and Honors Program
    Doing research with faculty now.
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  • sstayingpositivesstayingpositive 63 replies1 threads Junior Member
    There is nothing I can say except Northwestern has been my dream school since I was four years old. I ED'd last year, and here's round two. I just hope and pray that it works out. I feel immense anxiety with every passing day.
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