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Legacy and doing RD

JoonBJoonBJoonBJoonB 2 replies3 threads New Member
My child is a legacy and had planned to do ED (Weinberg). She says she would eventually want to go to medical school in the future. Are we throwing away her ED legacy chances if we don't do ED? She has excellent SAT scores and a solid GPA. We visited a college consultant and she's started to convince us to apply RD to have other school options open-- especially since she might get merit aid somewhere else. Going on NU's webiste, it seems like merit aid isn't offered ED? We wouldn't qualify for FA, so would be paying the $70K+ tuition/room & board. We can afford this but have another child that also wants to be a doctor. We plan to pay for all education (undergrad/grad) expenses for both. Our consultant said to go to a good state school (or get merit aid at a "lesser" school) since medical schools care only for GPA. I am very torn what to advise my daughter.

Are there any of you going through the same scenario? Am I crazy to reduce her ED legacy chances by going RD? Does she still have a slightly better chance at RD as a legacy or is that now not even considered? Thanks
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Replies to: Legacy and doing RD

  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 9110 replies91 threads Senior Member
    I can't speak for NU but my alma mater (a T20 private) is upfront that legacy is only considered in the ED round.

    Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think NU gives merit aid outside of National Merit Finalists ($2500) and talent scholarships at Bienen. The NU website says all other aid is need based.

    Personally I would think long and hard about being full pay when you have med school in the future for this child and others, but that is a highly personal decision.

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  • JoonBJoonBJoonBJoonB 2 replies3 threads New Member
    Thanks momofsenior1 for your insight. We are in CA and she would love to be accepted to UCLA-- so that choice is even a gamble with so many applications to attend there.
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  • NUJerseyDadNUJerseyDad 8 replies3 threads New Member
    I'm not sure how much legacy matters. I have a friend whose daughter is a double-legacy and got deferred then denied. Obviously, she had the raw stats and a compelling application because she did get in RD to another highly selective school, on par with NU. Take nothing for granted.
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  • homerdoghomerdog 6392 replies111 threads Senior Member
    My husband and I are both alums. I know quite a few people who are in the know in admissions. You have to use ED to have legacy status matter.

    NU really does not give merit aid. I don’t know where you saw that. I think they give $2500/year for NMF. That’s it. You will be full pay.
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