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Northwestern sense of community?

Collegegirl10134Collegegirl10134 6 replies2 threads New Member
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Hi guys! I love NU but I have a concern that is preventing me from committing. I have heard that Northwestern is lacking in terms of sense of community compared to other universities of its caliber. I am wondering if this is true and if the divide between North and South campus makes the students feel un-united? Can someone speak to this?

What is Northwestern’s sense of community like and is the student body truly united as is in most peer institutions.
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Replies to: Northwestern sense of community?

  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    There is a division between the north & south campuses at NU.

    To which school were you admitted ? Some schools form a tight community.
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  • Collegegirl10134Collegegirl10134 6 replies2 threads New Member
    @Publisher I was admitted to SESP (school of education and social policy) but am thinking about transferring to Medill. Can you explain the division and what it means for the students?
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    edited April 1
    SESP is a tight group. Medill as well.

    Since you will be in either SESP or Medill, you will be able to double or triple major or a couple of minors is Weinberg.

    North campus is engineers, South campus tends to be quite social.

    P.S. If torn between SESP & Medill, consider earning a masters in journalism at Columbia if you select SESP--although both Medill & SESP are exceptional programs.
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  • asdfghjkl98asdfghjkl98 5 replies0 threads New Member
    The North/South divide does exist, but it doesn't mean that there isn't a sense of community in the student body. It's more about the vibe of each end of campus than a real social divide. North Campus has Tech, the main engineering building, plus the frat houses, so a lot of STEM majors live North and some of the dorms have more of a party vibe. South campus is home to Medill, Bienen, and most of School of Comm, so it has more of an "artsy" reputation. But there are a lot of fun, social dorms on both sides of campus, and people of all majors live all around campus and socialize with each other. It only takes about 10 minutes to get across campus, and you'll end up having classes on both sides no matter what you study, so it's not like people just stay on one side of campus. I'm a senior in Medill, and I've had close friends that live all across campus across all six schools.

    So, I wouldn't worry about the North/South campus divide. There's still a strong sense of community in the overall student body, and Medill and SESP both have their own tight knit communities as well.
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  • IWannaHelpIWannaHelp 460 replies3 threads Member
    @Collegegirl10134 Check out "Live from Northwestern" series on YouTube. I think you'd get a pretty good feel from watching the videos.
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  • richard4580richard4580 16 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hi - just chiming in here as a recent alum I think there's something to be said about reframing this question. A lot of people have gone to the north v south debate and have already articulated the pros and cons.

    Regarding community as a whole, I think NU is a great school but does have a ~different~ community structure than most. As an easy to pick on example, Big Ten Sports. To some, it's life or death importance. To others, it's a form of nonsense - and those views are stark and loud.

    It's that contrast that makes the school what it is. A marketing pitch says that diversity of opinion is invaluable. A sophomore in his/her winter quarter says I just want to go to a basketball game. Neither is wrong, but it is worth noting.
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