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Chance me for Northwestern ED?

broadwaygeekbroadwaygeek 0 replies1 threads New Member
I am a rising junior, but I am really eager for college and have begun my search quite early. Therefore, even though I have a year, I am fairly certain that I will be applying ED to Northwestern. This school has been on my radar for a while and I have done a significant amount of research on it, including taking a visit to the campus (not an official tour, but my friend’s parents who went there showed me around), online information sessions, and a Purple Preview talk (through NU, talking with a current student). My parents have agreed to me ED-ing, but I would like to know my chances of actually getting in.


White, Jewish, Female
Currently living in Long Island, NY


GPA: N/A UW, 99.5025 W (my school only provides weighted averages and uses a scale of 100)
Class rank: N/A (top 15% of 350-ish students)
Courseload/Exam Scores: All honors and APs for my core classes; Sophomore year: AP World History: 5, AP Physics: 3, AP Seminar: 3; Junior year: AP Physics C, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Research, AP Calc BC; Senior year: AP Psych, AP Lit, AP Spanish, AP Gov; I am also taking creative writing this year and news literacy next year (which are related to my major/minor choices)
SAT Subject tests: Biology M: 770, Math 1: 740, Chemistry: 610 (won’t report); I’m not sure if I should take more… most people say 3 is a good amount to report, but I’ve also heard that they don’t mean anything


School Robotics Team: (4 years)
Leadership Positions: PR Secretary (Sophomore), Secretary (Junior), Community Service Chair (Junior), I am hoping to get Vice President my senior year
From January to March: 5-10 ish hours/week (depends on the week), and 10 hours of community service; Other months: 2-ish hours/week

Varsity Tennis: (4 years)
Leadership positions: I will be captain my senior year as I was the only freshman on the team my first year
I also participated in the Counties Tournament Sophomore year (and will most likely if it runs Junior and Senior year)
From late August to mid-October, 15 hours/week

Theatre Tech Club: (4 years)
Leadership positions: Head of Sound (Sophomore), Co-President (Junior and hopefully Senior)
Time varies each week depending on drama club’s performances/school events

Science Honor Society: (4 years)
Leadership Positions: applying for PR Secretary in the fall (assuming clubs are allowed)
10 hours of community service each year I participate

Sound Tech Head for Temple Brotherhood Productions: (4 years)
Run the sound board for annual temple musicals
From January to late March upwards of 5 hours/week

BBYO: (5 years)
Leadership Positions: Chapter Secretary/Social Media and Communications Chair (Sophomore), Editor-in-Chief of Regional Newsletter (Sophomore), Regional Secretary/Social Media and Communications Chair (Junior), Hoping to be Regional President or VP of Membership as a Senior
Time varies weekly

Research: (4 years)
My school is really competitive about research and fairly successful in competition. I am enrolled in the class but we don’t enter competitions until Junior and Senior year.

Summer Program: Explo (1 year)
3 week program going into 8th grade. I studied robotics and interior design. Required an application and acceptance to attend. Located at Wellesley College

Summer Program: Summer Institute for the Gifted (1 year)
3 week program going into 9th grade. I studied engineering, global issues, medical microbiology, and took a fitness class. Required and application and acceptance to attend. Located at Yale University.

Summer Program: International Leadership Training Conference (1 year)
Usually a 3 week program given through BBYO. It was online this year (going into 11th) because of COVID and shortened as well.

Summer Program: School of the New York Times (didn’t get to go)
I was supposed to attend this two week program, but it was cancelled (going into 11th). I was planning on studying creative writing. Required an application and acceptance to attend.

Online Class: Pilot Script Writing through Michigan State (5 weeks)
During quarantine I took this online class and completed a script for a pilot episode of a TV show.

I don’t know what qualifies as an award… I was an AP Scholar, my robotics team won the Community Service award my freshman year, and the mentor award Sophomore year (I helped to write this essay). I also received an academic excellence award in robotics class this year.

Community Service:
I complete a good amount of Community Service through UJA, BBYO, Robotics, and school

I am only a rising junior, so I have not written my essay yet, but I am told I am a good writer so I am hopeful about this. I am still debating over what to write about though.

Letters of rec:
I will ask my research teacher, who I will end up having for 4 years. My counselor and I have a great relationship so I am hoping that the rec will be good as well. Otherwise, I am not sure who to ask, although my creative writing teacher will probably be a good option, and one of my english teachers as well.

I want to study Playwriting/Screenwriting and Journalism (either double major or major/minor… I’m still figuring that out).

Given all that, although I know it is early for me, I am wondering if I have a shot at getting in? Are there any other schools I should be looking into (I’m also interested in Vanderbilt, USC, Michigan, Georgetown, Emory…) Thanks for reading! Sorry it was a bit long.
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Replies to: Chance me for Northwestern ED?

  • applyingcurrentapplyingcurrent 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Ummmmmm like 90%? bruh if you can’t get in no one can
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  • rosi6912rosi6912 3 replies1 threads New Member
    As long as you can keep your grades solid, you have a pretty good chance of getting in. Nothwestern is extremely selective, though, so there is always a risk of not getting in even if your stats are pretty much perfect. And for the essay, my only advice is to write about something that isn'y already super obvious on your application if possible (ideally not academics related)
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  • Sam-I-AmSam-I-Am 684 replies25 threads Member
    NU won't be interested in your subject test scores unless you are applying to a program such as their health sciences tract. Not sure the NYT summer program would add much to your application, but perhaps entering some writing contests (and hopefully earning some recognition) might be a better use of time/money. I maintain a healthy skepticism about the more expensive summer programs. It may be worth trying for more competitive ones that are free or cost less like TASP. Also, simply taking a summer creative writing/journalism class at a local college would likely be less expensive and would show similar initiative (lets hope this is possible next summer). It looks like you are doing some editing/writing. The more the better if you are going to apply to NU for journalism. For journalism surely continue to consider NU for ED1, and possibly the same for theater. I have a daughter at Vanderbilt and they have an excellent performing arts program as well. Their Hustler newspaper is excellent and frequently breaks meaningful stories. Since Vandy allows ED2 applications, perhaps it would make sense to use that option as a backup. They also have merit scholarships, some of which require additional applications (with earlier deadlines); whereas NU does not give merit aid.
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