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Nursing Major w a Spanish Minor?

swimmerr96swimmerr96 7 replies10 threads New Member
I will be entering college this fall as a nursing major. Does anyone know if its worth it to pick up a minor? I know the nursing curriculum where i will be attending is pretty strict and does not really allow time to pick up a minor, so i would probably have to take a few summer courses in order to get it done. Im not particularly interested in spanish, but i plan on living in miami when i finish school so I'm thinking a spanish minor would probably help me get a job especially in a spanish speaking area such as southern florida. Does anyone have experience with majoring in nursing with a spanish minor? Do you think it would be worth the extra time and courses in order to be able to speak it?
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Replies to: Nursing Major w a Spanish Minor?

  • CharlieschCharliesch 2046 replies70 threads Senior Member
    For almost all of the US, it would be helpful to take a few Spanish classes. You may not officially have a minor, but you can still make it clear in job applications that you completed those courses. At my daughter's college, language classes can be used to meet "Humanities" requirements or electives. They also offer a course called "Spanish for Health Care Majors"
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  • ordinarylivesordinarylives 3184 replies43 threads Senior Member
    Having a minor or even Spanish classes on your transcript won't help you much. What will help is the actual skill of being able to communicate in Spanish, by whatever means you can master that (and it might very well be classes). Just be sure if it's on your resume, you can actually do it.
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