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Is it a good idea to major in Nursing, but I would like to be a doctor?

TheMindyProjectTheMindyProject 5 replies3 threads New Member
Hi, I would really like to go to medical school after my four years, but the prospective school I want to go to has a really great hands-on nursing program that allows you to interact with patients directly, and I would like to have that experience. Would majoring in Nursing help or would I have to go the traditional route?
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Replies to: Is it a good idea to major in Nursing, but I would like to be a doctor?

  • TheMindyProjectTheMindyProject 5 replies3 threads New Member
    Also how big of a load would it be to take on a double major in Nursing and Biochemistry?
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  • SnickersUSnickersU 44 replies13 threads Junior Member
    It's a great degree for premed because it provides an excellent backup plan if med school doesn't work out.

    However, a con is the pure rigidity of a preprofessional major like nursing. It can be very difficult to appropriately schedule all of the premed courses with nursing. While rigor is definitely a huge issue ( btw a double major in nursing and biochem will be extremely rigorous) I think the bigger one is simply scheduling. It already takes you longer to graduate (5 years), all of those extra prereqs can make it even longer.

    Nursing is an excellent option but a very difficult option for premed.
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  • TheMindyProjectTheMindyProject 5 replies3 threads New Member
    @SnickersU Thank you so much for the insight!
    5 years? I think I might just stick with my original plan of majoring in Biochem and Design
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  • jazzcatastrophejazzcatastrophe 757 replies17 threads Member
    If you already know you want to go to med school, do NOT major in nursing. It won't be as helpful for medicine as you might think and you won't have room in your schedule for much of anything else, including pre-med classes because of how rigidly scheduled nursing programs are.
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  • CharlieschCharliesch 2046 replies70 threads Senior Member
    I suggest doing a search on the nursing part of this website - there has been much discussion of this issue in the recent past.
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  • anonyeanonye 228 replies18 threads Junior Member
    There are so many other students who really want to be nurses. If you're planning to not be a nurse in the future, please do not ruin it for other students by taking up spots in nursing programs.
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