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All GRADES Matter? Chances?

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Hey guys! New here and just wanted to say hey and I'm glad I found this Forum and hopefully someone can kind of answer my question(s)

My name is Michael and I just began College this year at (CVCC) "Local Community College"

And the two class my advisor recommended was "Music 101" And Orientation

My grades are 162/200 Is Music and almost 99% In orientation, my plan is to become a Nurse and needless to say I'm kind disappointed in my music class grade, but besides that will the "Nursing Program" considered all my grades? i.e Music 101 and orientation?

or will they only look at the required courses, i.e Math, Health related classes etc..

And last question... What in "WHOLE" will they "look at" to be the deciding factor of me getting accepted or not? Thanks
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