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PLEASE chance me? NYU is my dream school.

nyu427nyu427 66 replies6 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 72 Junior Member
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So right now I'm a junior in high school. I live in Connecticut. I go to an extremely competitive public high school. My grade specifically is the most competitive grade the school has ever had. My GPA is a 3.8, my school is really confusing with weighted/unweighted.

Freshman year I took:
English H (my final grade was an A-)
Algebra2/Geometry2 H (final grade: A-)
Physics (final grade: A+)
Spanish III H (final grade: A-)
World History I H (final grade: A)
Drawing, Painting, Design (final grade: A)
Multimedia Presentation (final grade: A+)

Sophomore year:
Chemistry H (A)
Designing Minds H (A)
Spanish IV (A)
English H (A)
Government & Law (A)
Pre-Calculus (A)
World History II H (A)
i literally got straight A's this year. No A-'s

Junior Year:
Well I'm a junior now, and these are the classes i'm taking:
AP US World History
Spanish V
English Lit H
AP Biology
AP Calculus AB (i don't think I will be able to get even an A- in this class. Math is my least favorite class. I'll probably have a final grade of a B)

Since this year I'm taking a harder course load, I won't be getting straight A's . I'll most likely have A's and B's.

SAT: 2020
I will have great teacher recs.
I want to major in PSYCHOLOGY

My EC's correspond to my passions. I also play 2 different sports, Varsity for one and JV for the other

Now I really want to go to NYU. I went on a campus tour over the summer and I never thought I could be as excited as a school like NYU. I want to apply there ED, but my parents don't seem to understand that NYU is my #1 first choice no matter what, and they don't want me to apply ED because they say money might be a problem. The thing is, we won't qualify for fin. aid.

Chance me please? I will apply to CAS
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Replies to: PLEASE chance me? NYU is my dream school.

  • vonlostvonlost 18523 replies13564 discussionsSuper Moderator Posts: 32,087 Super Moderator
    "they don't want me to apply ED because they say money might be a problem"

    It doesn't matter. If NYU doesn't offer you enough to support attendance, you can tell them thanks but no thanks, and apply RD elsewhere. Here's the common application rule:
    Should a student who applies for financial aid not be offered an award that makes attendance possible, the student may decline the offer of admission and be released from the Early Decision commitment.

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  • NYU2013NYU2013 1738 replies42 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,780 Senior Member
    If you won't qualify for financial aid and money might be problem, NYU may turn out to be very expensive for you - e.g. student loans etc. Which, with a major in psychology, unless you're planning on going to graduate school, may not be very good. The usual recommendation is not to go anywhere that will put you in more than $40,000 of debt; and even that is a lot.

    Assuming your 3.8 GPA is UW, then that's very good. If it's weighted then UW it could be anywhere from 3.4-3.7; 3.65 is the general recommendation for NYU.

    Your SAT scores are good as well. A 2000+ is pretty normal for CAS.

    Overall, you stand a pretty good chance of being accepted. As stated above you can apply ED; I would even recommend doing so if it's your dream school as, if it does turn out to be unaffordable, you can back out of your agreement. Note however, that when you apply ED you typically receive less FA than if you applied RD. However, you stated that you will not qualify for FA, so that shouldn't concern you too much.

    On an aside, psychology at NYU is a very large but very strong program. Our department consistently does very good research in the field. You would most likely benefit from trying to see if you could get involved in some of this research after you get here, assuming you get in.
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