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Differences Between NYU Tisch and NYU Steinhardt MT?

PrettyPegasusPrettyPegasus 24 replies17 threads Junior Member
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Hello! First CC post right here. :) I'm a junior in high school currently, and I am looking to major in musical theatre. I know that NYU is one of the best places for that, but I also know that there are two schools that offer MT majors. What's the difference between the Tisch major and the Steinhardt major? Thanks so much in advance!
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Replies to: Differences Between NYU Tisch and NYU Steinhardt MT?

  • lightingmomlightingmom 251 replies9 threads Junior Member
    You might find some useful info on the" what's up with Steinhardt " thread and look for posts from uskoolfish in particular. Lots of good info. I always wondered about the differences too.
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  • Christie2Christie2 361 replies22 threads Member
    I have asked my daughter, poster kswag, who is currently at Steinhardt, to post, as soon as she is able, an answer to the OP's question.
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  • KSwag10KSwag10 65 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Hi PrettyPegasus!

    I'm not sure that I can speak totally for the Tisch side of things, but as I see it, the basic difference between the two programs is that you get a BFA in Drama from Tisch and a BM in Vocal Performance from Steinhardt. This means that MTs at Tisch take all of the same acting classes as the Acting majors, and that MTs at Steinhardt take all of the same basic music classes as all other Music majors. This does not mean that Tisch MTs don't take music classes (they do) or that Steinhardt MTs don't have good acting classes (we do!). However, Tisch MTs do take MORE "acting" classes than we do, and we take more "music" classes than Tisch MTs do, although the curricula are set up sodifferently that the lines are not drawn as straight as that. The choice between them should basically be on what you want your concentration to be- Voice or Acting! Pretty simple, right?

    Obviously, you should look at the specific curricula before you make your decision- I written A LOT about the classes that you take at Steinhardt in the Steinhardt thread- look around!! And I would go over to the Tisch thread to get their information- best of luck!!
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  • PrettyPegasusPrettyPegasus 24 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much, everyone! I really appreciate your help!
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  • uskoolfishuskoolfish 2908 replies50 threads Senior Member
    Tisch divides all their students into different acting studios. Each studio has its own unique program and class requirements. There is only one studio that is known as their MT program, although other studios, though concentrating on acting, may in fact include voice lessons.

    When you apply to Tisch for MT you are given the option of only being considered for their MT studio, or being considered for more studios. (Being considered for more options will increase your chance of acceptance.) So many MT kids end up in other studios, take voice lessons and some have the opportunity to switch studios after 2 years.

    The common thing about Tisch is that all students are getting BFA degrees, but the acting, movement, etc. classes they take will be unique to their studio and will reflect different acting techniques, etc.

    At Steinhardt all students in VP will get BM degrees. The general music requirements for the degree will mix all music majors. Then there are specific classes taken by MT or classical students that involve song analysis, dance, diction, etc. In some classes MT and classical students may be mixed. In others the courses are unique to each specialization.

    In general, Tisch students in MT take classes with a greater emphasis on acting and dance. They tend to have a curriculum that focuses less on traditional musical theatre than Steinhardt. Ultimately that leads to singing that is less strictly classically based. Steinhardt students receive more music training as the degree is a BM degree.
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