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Housing assignment worries

takethathuskerstakethathuskers 2 replies3 threads New Member
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Hi everyone,

I'm an incoming freshman and just found out that I've been assigned to a single in Main Campus East. While I'm sure that having a single room will be convenient, I'm worried that a lack of a roommate, in combination with East's reputation as a very quiet, studious dorm (neither of which describe me at all) will leave me unhappy and hamper my experience as a first-year student. What do you guys think? Is there any way I can change my assignment?

Thanks in advance.
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Replies to: Housing assignment worries

  • PlainsmanPlainsman 1406 replies97 threads Senior Member
    There are probably some kids dying to have a single who didn't get one. I say "swap." But you may have to wait for orientation week to find someone who is willing to do it. You could also try Facebook. I would think it wouldn't be hard.
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  • obie parentobie parent 1 replies0 threads New Member
    My daughter is entering as a transfer and has not yet received her housing assignment. she was told last week that no one will get their assignment until everyone has one. Apparently, they may have overenrolled and are having trouble fitting everyone in. Does anyone out know anything about this, or is having the same experience? It' so darn late in the season to not know where one will be living.
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  • estargrl88estargrl88 387 replies142 threads Member
    At the beginning there will be lots of other first years around looking to make new friends. There will be others in East, and though I'm not sure just how quiet it is during orientation, I can imagine that at the beginning at least, first years will be hanging out in the lounges and in the halls, and you just have to go find them or knock on other first years' doors. It might not be quite as social, but I'm sure most students will be out of their rooms at the beginning. You can make friends with people in other dorms too - in a dorm like Barrows, for example, there'll definitely be some action going on. Later in the year, this might be more what you'll have to do for more action, but I think you'll still be able to meet people in East. And yeah, I guess if it just isn't working out maybe a room switch, but give it a chance first.
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  • quinoa423quinoa423 85 replies15 threads Junior Member
    I'm jealous. I'm in a quad at North. I would love a single.
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  • radannieradannie 589 replies13 threads Member
    obie parent, I read somewhere on the Oberlin page that the class was not overenrolled...still it must be a bit disconcerting to not yet have a room assignment.
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  • monydadmonydad 7846 replies158 threads Senior Member
    The most important thing is: is your floor mostly/exclusively freshmen, or is it mostly upperclassman. Not necessarily the roommate per se; you might wind up hating your roommate. But you want fellow- travelers nearby, or else it can indeed be somewhat isolating.
    If not freshmen I vote swap, based on my D1s experience there.

    Upperclassmen do not need to be, and typically are not, so outgoing, this is true everywhere.
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  • quaerequaere 1252 replies12 threads Senior Member
    Re housing assignments and overenrollment, here's the delightfully euphemistic e-mail returning students just got from ResEd:
    Unlike some of our peer institutions, Oberlin’s enrollment numbers for new and retuning students have exceeded expectations. We have had to use and recapture every available space. Do not be surprised if you have been consolidated or relocated from the waitlist or assigned to a building not of your choice. Both OSCA and Residential Education will continue to process housing assignments and dining changes up until two weeks before your scheduled arrival on campus.

    Make of that what you will...
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  • takethathuskerstakethathuskers 2 replies3 threads New Member
    Thanks for all your replies!

    Would there be any way of finding out what my floor is like before I arrive, or do I have to wait until I get to Oberlin?
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  • dave72dave72 642 replies3 threads Member
    Have you joined this Facebook group?:
    [url=http://www.****/home.php#/topic.php?uid=106277140173&topic=10001]Login | Facebook[/url]
    You can meet your fellow first-year East residents there. They're all talking about baking cookies and having dance parties--sounds like a very social bunch.
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