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Current Students?

CanadianMTgirlCanadianMTgirl 297 replies5 threads Member
I've been accepted to Ohio Northern, and am seriously considering attending in the fall. It would be helpful, however, to talk to some current students in the program. Any takers willing to spend some time chatting up the minutiae of the program and the school with me? You can PM me and we can add each other on Facebook.
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Replies to: Current Students?

  • momofstarmomofstar 28 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @CanadianMTgirl I just private messaged you re my Freshman MT D or some of her classmates getting in contact with you.
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  • whynotdreambigwhynotdreambig 17 replies4 threads New Member
    CanadianMTgirl...My d has been accepted to Ohio Northern and is considering attending as well. We can't PM you because we don't have 15 posts yet. If you want to PM me maybe you and my D can chat on FB. Have you visited the campus?
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  • PaiMom3PaiMom3 9 replies4 threads New Member
    My D has also been accepted at ONU and is seriously considering attending. I don'tknow how to PM you, but if you PM my I can hook you up with my daughter. I am pretty knowledgable about Ada and the school if you want general info.
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  • jeffandannjeffandann 650 replies23 threads Member
    My D has one acceptance and is on the waitlist at ONU. Anyone know how many women they take per year, and whether historically they take kids off the waitlist for acceptance? We'd want to make a visit to ONU if we think there's a decent shot she gets moved to the accepted pool.
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  • GradyWhite192GradyWhite192 8 replies1 threads New Member
    My daughter is a freshman in the ONU program as well. As a matter of fact, we met momofstar and family through the College Confidential forum when we were going through this process a year ago. I will point my daughter to this ONU sub forum and see if she and some of her friends can monitor it to answer questions. The visit to the campus last Spring after acceptance was what made the decision to go there very easy.
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  • djexpressdjexpress 138 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Would love more information on ONU from current students, such as, how many are in the program, can freshman audition for shows, dorm life, surrounding city life, etc. thank you! We would like to visit. Wondering if the school offers scholarship money.
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  • momofstarmomofstar 28 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @djexpress As a mom searching for information about this program last year...I want to help and answer some questions. I have asked my D who is a current Freshman to reply but she is crazy busy with rehearsals for NINE as a lot of her fellow students. So that you may get some answers in a timely manner here goes! I think there are ~45-48 students total in the BFA MT program. She has 15 in her fresh class which is one of the larger classes. Freshman can audition for all shows. They will have done 2 musicals, 2 straight acting and I
    think 2 dance shows this year. My D lives in a Freshman dorm with all majors. Ada is very small but has Lima and Findlay nearby. The remoteness and size of Ada has not been an issue because the students are so busy within the program and its requirements. ONU is known for offering fairly nice scholarship for both talent and academics!! I hope this helps!! :) One added plus and all MT programs may do this but ONU provides transportation and housing at no expense to their students who qualify for Ohio Theatre Auditions and Midwestern Theatre Auditions when auditioning for Summer Stock work.
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  • gpmom48230gpmom48230 47 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Unfortunately I don't know too many students that actually get on these boards and post, from ANY of the schools, lol. CanadianMTgirl, I suggest you call ONU and ask the departmentt if there was any student willing to speak with you regarding the program. I am sure they can be of some help with talking to students.
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