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A couple of questions (ugggh all of my friedns are gone!)

jdb226jdb226 Registered User Posts: 108 Junior Member
edited August 2011 in Ohio State University
***friends. ugh why i should be in bed at 3 AM

Hello incoming freshman here! And most of my friends have moved in to their respective schools on semesters (and some have started classes already, yikes). I haven't even bought a laptop yet.

But a couple things

1. What did you do to pass the time without friends for the last month or so? I have a couple friends that are going to OSU but we aren't that close and we live kinda far apart (went to a private H.S. friends all over the place). One of my friends is going to a CC, so I have him to hang out with at least, but I'm going to get kinda lonely. I guess I'll just hang with the fam more. Should be picking up some more hours for work too, and the extra cash will always be nice.

2. Football games. Super excited! (especially since it looks like the NCAA isn't going to bend us over. But losing Tressel certainly hurts, along with TP [enough though he was an idiot] 5 game suspension and negative press, etc... isn't exactly getting off light).

But on a serious note, I didn't get into a group for football tickets. Some friends and people going to OSU from my HS were talking about getting a group together, but by then we missed the deadline for group seating. So this means I will be lumped with random people to stand by? Well, I guess it won't be that awkward, a lot of other people are probably in the same boat, but just wondering how this might go.

3. http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/college-computers/1186076-good-laptop-business-major-less-than-1000-long-battery-etc.html

Any tips on a laptop? Slight change: <$800 is now kinda the going rate.

4. Business advising...sounds like you get to pick yours/freestyle/however is open, etc... And I have had very limited experience with them, but I am not getting a very good first impression.
While I was still in HS, my dad set up a meeting with a business adviser and she was very nice and answered all of my questions. I told her I wanted to work in NYC or Chicago in finance and she mentioned Fisher Futures. She talked about the program and it sounded awesome. She also made it sound like it easy to get in, like any Fisher student above a 3.5 could join if they wanted to.

...I did a little research and that is not that case haha. Those kids' resumes are very impressive and other people have told it is fairly competitive to get a spot.

Then while scheduling during orientation, I brought up the BSBA/MAcc program to my advisor (since I'm planning on double majoring in Accounting and Finance).
Fisher College of Business | Prospective BSBA/MAcc

The lady didn't make it sound like it was a program. She looked at my AP credit sheet (when I asked if I got get my bachelors and MAcc in four years) and she was like sure, if you finish your bachelors in 3 years you can start your MAcc the next year.

In my head I was like...well duh. But the website makes it sound like it is an actual program and integrates the BSBA and MAcc.

Well this one is null and void for me (at least for now) since I want to double major in Finance and Accounting it would be almost impossible to double major and get the MAcc in 4 years. And it sounds like you have to pay the Masters tuition rate for the last year, which IMO, isn't worth it if I can get CPA exam eligible without a MAcc. At least that is what she led me to believe.

But her explanation did not really make me feel that comfortable.

Could get enough credit hours for the CPA exam in 4 years (with my AP credit helping) if I plan right. Which right now, I'm not too confident in my advisers, but I'm still going to go into Fisher with an open mind.

5. Honors scheduling. I'm assuming it goes into effect second semester freshman year? Glad I had an orientation date in the middle so I didn't get stuck with all of those 8 AM classes!

thanks, I know this was kinda long and sorry if the Fisher adviser part was whiny, but it is something that raised red flags to me.

thank you
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Replies to: A couple of questions (ugggh all of my friedns are gone!)

  • RMGsmomRMGsmom Registered User Posts: 514 Member
    1. Making some extra cash is good. Touch bases with future roommates. Shop and pack. Make sure you've got a bank account and cell phone carrier that will work for you. Spend time with fam and agree on how you'll communicate (eg phone/text as needed but at least once per ___ ?) Put useful cell numbers in your phone contacts (kids you know who'll be there, college info numbers, emergency contact numbers, etc). Buy textbooks online if you have time to get them. Consider dorm/renters insurance. Consider a back-up service for your computer files.

    2. DS did not group his first year and regretted it, But he said the Block O thing was okay.

    3. I'm not the laptop expert in the family but DS got an HP Elite Book for about $1000 at Wired Out on campus. It has held up so far with only minor keyboard issues that were fixed on-site by the HP people because he bought the 3 yr HP on-site warranty. Wired Out will also repair laptops from their store but they insist you leave it with them until a tech can evaluate it - this can be for days sometimes and then they still have to order parts if needed because they stock almost nothing. The manufacturer 3 yr on-site warranty is much better.

    4. Don't know anything about business advising but OSU is not a school that does much hand holding. You need to take some initiative as far as getting good advice and charting your course. DS has managed well but is not shy about seeking out or contacting whoever he needs to contact. As far as I know the business program in general is considered very strong.

    5. Honors scheduling won't kick in until after the first quarter.

    Good luck. Hope you love OSU as much as my kid does.
  • jdb226jdb226 Registered User Posts: 108 Junior Member
    Thanks RMG. Oooops been telling so many people we're switching to semesters next year I'm using it already.

    Hmmmm, really regret not grouping for football now, but oh well, nothing I can do now.

    I certainly don't want my hand held, but I want my advisors to be knowledgeable and realistic with me. I don't expect them to know everything business or OSU related but my first impressions have not been that positive. Granted I think Fisher has like 10+ advisors and I have only met with two of them so I am not giving them a fair shot. Going to go into the first quarter with a fresh mindset though.

    Thank you! I think I will love OSU. Loved orientation and most of my classmates seem pretty chill.
  • ambiguityambiguity Registered User Posts: 188 Junior Member
    I am a junior in the university honors program, and also in the Fisher College of Business Contract Honors Program, so hopefully I can answer some of your business-related questions.

    With honors, you are already admitted to Fisher, and you will be assigned an adviser from the small pool of honors advisers. Fisher Futures is very competitive, however, if you are smart, it won't be impossible. You will find that while there are some really smart students in Fisher, not all of them are interested in the same things. The competition for good programs exists, but isn't terrible.

    The MAcc program is doable also, but even if you walk in with credit, you will need to take heavy course loads throughout college, or to take summer classes to fulfill all of your undergrad reqs in three years. Also, you are right in that it is not really a "program" where you are doing special activities or taking special classes. My understanding, from when I briefly looked into it, is that you take an accelerated schedule of undergrad classes, and then complete an accelerated masters in your fourth year.

    Also, I recommend buying a less expensive laptop, unless you really need one you can do complex things on. For business, you just need to be able to run Micosoft Office (and for excel, I recommend not buying a Mac), and have access to the internet. Really. I think a $500 Asus or Lenovo is going to be better than a more expensive "entertainment laptop" from Dell or HP, because a lot of people see their laptops crash after only a few years. My HP had significant problems after two. If you buy a less expensive laptop, you can afford to replace it later if there are problems, for the same price of buying a single expensive laptop. Look into more durable brands, and how much you really need from a laptop.

    Also, I would see if there isn't some way to get into a football group still. Most people go in groups, and so it would be rather lonely having single tickets.
  • jdb226jdb226 Registered User Posts: 108 Junior Member
    Thanks ambiguity.

    Good to here about the competition. Obviously there has to be some competition but with OSU's size it could become cutthroat, glad it's not.

    I've been hearing that a lot about laptops, so I think I'll shoot for one <$600.

    I'll try calling the AD office/ticketmaster/whoever does the student tickets for OSU football. Pretty sure the deadline was like July 1 to form groups and we have already been assigned tickets, so it seems kinda doubtful I could get a group going.
    Really I wish I didn't drop the ball earlier in the summer.

    Just out of curiosity, I'm instate and know quite a few people going to OSU but what do out of state freshman (who might not know anyone) do with regards to group seating? Or do they just rough it and go individually? Maybe I'll be next to someone like that!

    thanks for the relpy

    oh and ambiguity, what exactly is the business contract honors program? How is it different from the cohort?

    I noticed that Fisher had 3 (well 4 if you count Fisher Futures) main honors programs with those two ^^ and Honors Accounting. Not sure which one I would like best, I plan on majoring in Accounting (along with Finance) but I have other business interest, so IDK which group I should look into trying to join.

    Thank you!
  • ambiguityambiguity Registered User Posts: 188 Junior Member
    You are correct, there are 3 honors programs. The tricky thing is that they are quite different, and differently competitive.

    Honors Accounting is the first one you have the option to apply to. You take the first two accounting classes (211 and 212) as honors if you are in this program. The thing is, accounting 211 and 212 are difficult to do well in. Accounting itself is not especially intellectually challenging, but the grading for the "lab" portions of the classes is severe. They are the weed out classes for business majors, and we all have to pass them.

    Contract, the one I am in, is applied for in the middle of your sophomore year, and then you take a spring quarter class with the other people admitted. There is a GPA requirement, but other than that, I don't think the competition was really intense, as I only heard a few people admit to being rejected. In order to graduate with honors through contract, you make an honors contract in which you have to take additional honors classes, several with the other people in contract, and you also have to declare and complete a major or minor outside of the business college. A lot of people did economics, communications, and math. There is also a GPA requirement for everything you take, and you have to write a paper about an internship you completed.

    Cohort is applied for a quarter later than Contract, I believe, and I think is both more intense and more competitive. I believe you do case studies and competitions.

    The thing I wish I knew earlier is that you have to actually be accepted to one of these groups to graduate with honors in business. It isn't enough to have university honors. You can also do a distinction project, which is rare, and then graduate with distinction.

    Also, being in contract, for me, has meant additional classes I will have to take, to graduate with honors. Overall, business students have to take something like 186 credit hours currently to graduate, but I will end up taking more like 215. And I barely took electives. It is more challenging to graduate in only four years only doing a single major, but adding on a double major, a minor, or an honors program, and your requirements climb.
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