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Is OSU good for me?

JamobooJamoboo 64 replies26 threads Junior Member
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Hey I am from New York and just completed my junior year. I was wondering if OSU would be good for my personality, interests, and etc. I am interested in majoring in business, do they have a good business program? I am a very shy person, but I am attracted to the Big 10's for sports, diversity, spirit, and so many new things. Will I fit in... feel lost, isolated, or is the big size better for me to make new friends. I also am interested in UW-madison, Indiana University, and Michigan( but that is way too much of a reach). I have not visited OSU yet but do not want to if it is not worth the visit. I am also an athlete and hope to try to play a sport but I don't know yet.
Thanks and respond,
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Replies to: Is OSU good for me?

  • JamobooJamoboo 64 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Can somebody please respond, anything would be helpful.
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  • JamobooJamoboo 64 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Can somebody please respond, anything would be helpful.
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  • TomServoTomServo 1992 replies55 threads Senior Member
    Well, they have a popular business college, but beyond that I don't know much about their program.
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  • Nova88Nova88 221 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Hi Jamoboo,
    My son will be a soph at OSU next year and is a business major, we are from NJ. He applied to all of the schools you are interested in too :) He absolutely loves Ohio State, couldn't see himself anywhere else.
    My son also loved the feel of the Big Ten campuses, the pride/spirit and the sports elements. However, he is a serious student too. He was looking for a balanced college environment. He is a very outgoing kid, so he was willing to put himself out there to meet new people from the outset. He says the great thing about such a large school is he meets someone new almost every day, and there is always something new to do, on campus, off campus, concerts, speakers, sports, eating out...he is NEVER bored.
    I strongly advise you visit OSU, do the standard tour AND the Fisher Business School tour as well. Seeing a campus while it's in session really helps you decide if you see yourself there. Sit in on a class, eat at The Ohio Union where students hang out, see Thompson library. My son couldn't decide where he wanted to go, we had visited them all casually, but the day we toured he knew OSU was the right place for him. The campuses you mention are different from one another, one may fit you more than the the others academically, but it's also a matter of personal preference, city vs. large town, proximity to other activities, ease of travel to and from (especially from the east coast--Wisconsin is the toughest to travel to), etc.

    Oh, in terms of playing a sport at Ohio State, obviously sports there are top notch Division I. If you are being recruited, kudos to you! If you are looking for club or intramural sports, there are zillions to participate in!

    Best of luck to you in applying and deciding where to attend. Feel free to send me a private message if you have more specific questions.
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  • JoBennyJoBenny 761 replies16 threads Member
    I don't think anyone here can say for sure if OSU fits your personality. Some shy kids really thrive in the bigger "rah rah" schools, while others shine in the setting of the smaller schools. OSU and Michigan are only about 3 hours apart so you could probably visit both during the same trip if they are both serious contenders. As for sports, if you were a candidate for competitive sports at OSU you would know by now. But there are club sports and intramurals for days.
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  • BitaniBitani 7 replies4 threads New Member
    I was just going through the "OSU Senior" post in this forum and found a snippet that might be of some interest to you.

    "OSU is no longer a safety school or just a football school. It's a highly competitive university with top ranked programs in the country--especially in the business college. " (Page 24)
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  • malia56malia56 49 replies0 threads Junior Member
    OSU is expensive for out-of-state students--as are the other Big Ten schools you've mentioned. You'll want to take a good long look at the universities in your state (I'm thinking the SUNY system? It's somewhat good). Other than a sports experience (which is unimportant unless you're actually playing sports), I'm guessing that most schools in the Big Ten have business programs that are comparable to the much cheaper ones in your back yard.
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  • JamobooJamoboo 64 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Thanks all for the help. The business program sounds great and hopefully I can visit soon. Sorry I was being so vague, but I was interested in club sports. I know Ohio State is D1 and i am not at that athletic level but still want to play. The SUNY system sounds great and a lot of my friends are attending there next fall but the only issue I have with Suny Binghamton, Geneso, and Albany is location. I don't want to be in up state New York. I also live on LI so Stony Brook is way too close for me. My parents could pay out of state and are fully supporting me unless its in the high 50's. So I want to learn to get out of my shell and thrive on constantly being busy. The big 10's have the difficult academics, great sports, and I want to challenge myself.
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  • TexasBuckeye7TexasBuckeye7 49 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I'm currently a sophmore at Ohio State in the Mechanical Engineering department and many of my friends are buisness majors in Fischer. They absolutely love the program and say that it challenges them while still being reasonable for allowing them other activities and free-time. When you visit (which you definitely need to) the campus might seem overwhelming at first. Even though it is a big campus it only takes students a week or two to adjust and learn it without looking at a map on your phone. Most of your classes will be on north campus or within the buisness college's area which is very very nice. In addition, the college of buisness provides you with excellent opportunities to get a job/internship for the summer. They have a career service center that helps train you for interviews and helps you find more job opportunities. Also, sometime during the year they will host a career fair where hundreds of buisnesses will come to the campus looking to find students to hire. Many students, like myself, will find their summer job this way and not have to worry about working at McDonald's over the summer.

    For fitting your personality I would tell you not to think twice about it as long as you can adjust to a large campus. Ohio State has so many students that you will see every type of person on campus and in your classes so you should have no problem meeting people similar to you. Like you, I am a shy person who was looking to challenge himself and be more social. I live in Texas so I came to Ohio State knowing absolutely ZERO people. Within the first few weeks I became good friends with my roomates and people from my classes and even decided to join a fraternity after a semester.

    In high school I was very active in sports and played baseball and football. Like you I wanted to play a club sport at Ohio State. I ended up joining the club frisbee team and have had a blast. My roomate from last year was on the club football team and loved it also. If you decide not to do club sports, there are always intramurals which are a ton of fun and a great way to meet people.

    Goodluck in your decision and Go Bucks!
    P.S. Don't go to Michigan :)
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  • JamobooJamoboo 64 replies26 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much for the reply and I am sorry I didn't respond sooner. OSU sounds like a great place and I really want to visit.
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  • dwright23dwright23 58 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I agree with TexasBuckeye! Don't go to that awful school from up north! As far as size goes, I was actually expecting it to be much bigger than it is from the way everyone described it. I actually see a lot of the same people on a day to day basis, and a lot of people I've never saw before :-p . I've never felt lost or isolated at all! OSU is great for business, but I'm an engineering major so I can't really speak that much on it...
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