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Chance me at the Honors School Please!

dukiessdukiess 173 replies187 threads Member
edited July 2007 in Ohio State University
Any input will be well appreciated, thanks!

Greek American
Go to a very competitive public school in Washington- ranked 35th best public school in the nation
GPA- 3.52 (UW) 3.71 (W)
5 AP's*, 4 Honors Classes
Excellent upward grade trend.
SAT- 610 W, 550 M, 540 CR- 1700 (Will take again in October)
ACT- N/A (Taking in September)
Class Rank- N/A

Teacher & counselor recs- excellent, lots of thought put into both
Essay- will be very good

-4 year varsity tennis letter winner- 9-12th grade
-2 year district tennis qualifier
-1 year state tennis qualifier
-Captain of my club tennis team
-Play in competitive tournaments locally
-Senior Class Historian- 12
-Class Senator- 11-12
-President and Founder of Sports Debate Club- 10-12
-Member of Asian Culture Club- 11-12
-Member of Key Club- 11-12
-Member of A.S.P.E.N.-12 (Had to try-out)
-Community service award for completing a certain amount of volunteer hours
Volunteer work at a local tennis club, through Key Club, camp counselor, district wide volunteering events, and various other events. (100+ hours)
edited July 2007
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Replies to: Chance me at the Honors School Please!

  • RSquareRSquare 166 replies14 threads Junior Member
    As far as I know, only thing that matters for honors is ACT/SAT and class rank. This year (it may be changed for next year) it was top 10% high school class and a 29 ACT minimum.
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  • osufunguyosufunguy 143 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I've heard that those standards will be going up this year...possibly top 10 and a 30 required...not sure though.
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  • frasifrasifrasifrasi 818 replies141 threads Member
    Top 10% and a 29ACT/1300SAT.

    - I like how OSU ignores all the essay/EC pretense and considers only the important factors proving the student is capable.
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  • osufunguyosufunguy 143 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Admission into OSU is different than admission to the honors program.

    I read a book once on college admissions written by deans of various college admission offices, and while all their colleges are different, there was one overarching theme: the best predictor of success in college is a combination of college prep courses in HS, test scores, and high school performance.

    Not everyone is a phenomenal essay writer...under your presumptions, shouldn't Ohio State give every incoming student a battery of tests to determine admission into the honors program? Not just writing, but math and sciences as well?

    Does that idea sound absurd? Strangly, there is already something out there that colleges can use to determine this...the ACT/SAT. Now we can get into a huge debate on the use of test scores in determining future success, but as of right now, it proves to be the best way to determine a high school student's aptitude.

    Frankly, whether or not you were in the Key Club in high school and two essay questions on an application determine little towards a student's success in the college classroom...which is what the Honors Program at OSU is focused around.
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  • frasifrasifrasifrasi 818 replies141 threads Member
    I agree, I wish other schools did the same (or at least had an optional essay question). A good sat and solid gpa are more than enough since they were already accepted into the school.
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  • osufunguyosufunguy 143 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Amen to that! I hope I didn't sound accusatory, reading back on my post, it may be construed that way.
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