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Chance for OSU honors???

bike!bike! 34 replies19 threads Junior Member
edited July 2009 in Ohio State University
Junior year has just ended. Here are my stats:

-Race: White
-Gender: Female
-Location: SC
-Will not apply for financial aid
-Unweighted GPA: 3.65
-Weighted GPA: 4.45
-ACT Composite: 32 (will re-take)
-My high school is a magnet and is consistently ranked in the top 10 high schools in the nation. It is extremely competitive and very difficult to both get in and stay in.
-Ranking: no ranking
-AP's I will have taken or will currently be taking by application time: European History, Psychology, English Language, Calculus AB, Physics B, Literature, Macroeconomics, Government, Spanish
-I have taken at least 1 class each year in all core subjects. This trend will be continued into my senior year. All of these classes have been honors/AP classes
-I am in the process of writing a very involved thesis in which I will be interacting with and helping my local Hispanic population.
-I have done about 100 hours of community service.
-I am the co-president and co-founder of my high school's GSA. This may carry more weight considering I live in a very conservative state, and to establish and maintain this group was very difficult, although necessary.
-I am also active in groups such as Junior Intermezzo, National Honors Society, National Spanish Honors Society
-Both mother,father, grandfather, etc. graduated from OSU.

Parents will only let me apply/attend if I get into the Honors program :(

EDIT: also, is the honors program something you have to apply to alongside regular application, or after you've been admitted? If someone could explain the process to me, I'd be very grateful. I tried looking on the website, but I didn't really understand it :P
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Replies to: Chance for OSU honors???

  • kelspianogirlkelspianogirl 54 replies2 threads New Member
    The Honors Program requires no special application- they just look at your regular application and if you meet the criteria (30+ on your ACT/1340+ on your SAT w/o writing and top 10% of your class) you are automatically offered a place in the Honors Program. If your high school does not rank, I think they look at you on a case-by-case basis, and with a high weighted GPA and a high ACT score, I'm sure you would be fine.

    With your score of 32 on the ACT, you would also be invited to compete in the Maximus Scholarship Competition for the chance to win a full scholarship- even if you don't win that, you are still guaranteed an Honors scholarship.
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  • viciouspoultryviciouspoultry 766 replies71 threads Member
    All you really need is a 30+ which you clearly have, so I would be shocked if you are not in OSU honors
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  • bike!bike! 34 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Thanks guys!

    I was just nervous because I'm an out of state applicant, and I wasn't sure how much they favor in-state applicants in Honors admissions.

    If either of you are in the Honors program yourselves (or have some knowledge about it), is the Honors program decent? How easy would it be to maintain a 3.8+ GPA, assuming the student in question is willing to put in the effort?
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  • WarriorTi22WarriorTi22 57 replies7 threads Junior Member
    You're in....
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  • kelspianogirlkelspianogirl 54 replies2 threads New Member
    I'm in the Honors Program. The ease of maintaining a 3.8+ will definitely depend on your major- in engineering, it would be extremely difficult, for example. I'm a pre-nursing major, and didn't find it particularly difficult if you can manage your time well and plan out a manageable course load. I haven't really done a lot with the honors program as far as their clubs and events, but I did take an honors course every quarter and the quality really varied from class to class. The Honors Program was really beneficial to me because pre-nursing honors students were guaranteed acceptance to the nursing program if they kept up the honors requirements. I also like the honors housing options and I like living with other serious academic students, but that's not for everyone.
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  • rpmatthewsrpmatthews 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Just go to OSU's website and it clearly states under their honors program that top 10% in your class and a 30 act is required. That's all
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  • bike!bike! 34 replies19 threads Junior Member
    I'm sorry, but did you forget to read the rest of the page? Honors admission is by invitation. I am an out of state student applying to a state school. I have had at least 3 friends living in my state who met the requirements and still were not "invited" to the Honors program. Scholars, yes, but not Honors.
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