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livesforsummerlivesforsummer 414 replies14 threads Junior Member
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Hey, what do you think the pro's and con's are of OSU?

And also: If you currently attend, or did attend, what are your favorite things about OSU?
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Replies to: Pros/Cons

  • YeahItsCaseYeahItsCase 23 replies2 threads New Member
    Oh man, I feel like I could go on for days about my favorite things..

    - Football Saturdays: Everything about them from the weather (perfect) to being in the stadium itself, the game, singing hang on sloopy at the end of the 3rd, the fun before and after the game (parties/hanging out/just having a good time)..to Carmen Ohio at the end..There is nothing like it.

    - The sheer amount of student organizations on campus to fit every single possible need you may have. I mean..literally. Love football and have a lot of OSU spirit? Block O is perfect..need a religious organization? We have a ton of those..Vegan/Vegetarian? Yep. Greek Life (sororities and fraternities..both social and academic/professional)..Then you have the Ohio Union Activity Board (OUAB) which puts on the Big Free Concerts that come to campus several times a year as well as everyone else like Will Ferrel's comedy tour..all for free with your student ID!! I could literally go on for days. There are over 900 student organizations. Check them out here: The Ohio Union : Activities & Organizations : Student Organizations : Directory

    - The amount of opportunities you have available to you. This sort of goes along with organizations/activities..but its more along the lines of job/internship opportunities and academic opportunities at your fingertips. We have FutureLink which is a great job system to find jobs/internships and each college's website typically has their own internships page...plus so much more. The entire city of Columbus is behind Ohio State and we have some great companies here (The Limited Brands is a big one..think Victoria's Secret, Express, etc).

    - The school spirit. Ohio State students LOVE OSU. I personally am IN love with OSU..and even better is that you will find OSU Alums EVERYWHERE. Just last week I went home to Florida and I was in WalMart with an OSU shirt on and had a lady stop me and we talked for 30 mins in the cereal aisle. Her son had just graduated from OSU and her husband was an Alum as well..and now my parents are friends with that family. This helps with jobs too..networking!

    - The Academics. They speak for themselves..OSU improves academically each year and the we have some of the best class choices you'll ever find. Sports for the spectator? History of Ohio State? History of Rock N' Roll? Skydiving? Scuba? The Science of Chocolate? Beer and Wine tasting? You name it..OSU offers it..from the less academically rigorous and more fun courses to rocket science. With over 13,000 (I believe) classes per quarter..there is something for everyone. We also have a ton of different majors and minors. Some of the more fun minors are Sexuality Studies and Pop Culture studies.

    - The traditions. From jumping into 30 degree water of mirror lake the thursday before the michigan game to hang on sloopy in the third..from taking the long walk down the oval to sunbathing in the oval on the first sunny and semi warm day of spring quarter..from learning important buckeye songs to singing Carmen Ohio with 105,000 of your closest friends with arms locked at the end of every football game..from watching The Best Damn Band In The Land put on the coolest shows you'll ever see to seeing that lucky sousaphone player Dot The I..from screaming 'O-H' at the top of your lungs and immediately getting an 'I-O!' back to attending every single event that the Beat Michigan Week student organization puts on (yes..we have a whole organization meant to strengthen our dislike of that school up north..and a whole week of fun!)

    - The facilities. I think the RPAC (Recreation and Physical Activity Center) speaks for itself. Ever seen the place? It is practically a work of art! We have the most up to date equipment and resources at our fingertips all over campus and especially in the sporting/fitness category. If you are bored at the RPAC, you could go to Jesse Owens North or South and work out there too..or go to Jesse Owens West which has an indoor tennis center as well as a skateboard park outside..and tons of soccer/softball/baseball fields and an outdoor track..or, we have the ARC where you can go on a GIANT rock climbing wall and have even more fitness equipment at your fingertips. Moving past that..we have the Wexner Center which is a world class modern art museum right on campus..we recently had an Andy Warhol exhibit which has never ever been to the U.S. besides at the Wex. The Wex also has a performance space where we get a lot of cool indie acts (as well as some more popular)..we also have a cartoon library..who has a cartoon library?! Needless to say..you want it, we've got it.

    - The city. I love Columbus..its one of those places that may be big, but it seems so small. OSU is a little city within itself, too. I love them I am two miles from everything cool and hip downtown including the clippers stadium (baseball) and nationwide arena (NHL as well as concerts/events)..and the short north (artsy district). Columbus is super accessible too with the COTA bus system..which is FREE for OSU students (we also have the CABS system for on campus). The area around campus itself has a little charm too..some of the food places are monuments in their own right. Buckeye Donuts can be seen packed at any hour of the night (its open 24/7) and other late night favorites are Fly-Pie (pizza) and Canes..there are others too..but those are the staples. Once you're 21..you'll somehow wonder how you ever got by without going to bar nights several times a week. Wasted Wednesday..Thirsty Thursday..then friday and saturday. Each bar has its own flavor..from hip and a little nicer to downright hometown and basement style..and they are all awesome.

    I'll stop there for now :)
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  • livesforsummerlivesforsummer 414 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Ahh Thanks so much!

    My only hesitation about this school is the fact that a lot of my family (and my brother currently attends) went to Penn State, lol!

    I'm looking for big schools with pretty campuses and tons of school spirit though! It also has the major I'm currently interested in (social work), so it seems like a good fit for me!

    Thanks again! (And please, if you want to keep going, feel free!)
    Also, what is the weather like at OSU?
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  • YeahItsCaseYeahItsCase 23 replies2 threads New Member
    There is nothing wrong with a little family rivalry..it keeps things interesting!!

    The weather..well..haha..its really nice from September to..mid November..not too cold, not too hot..I mean, it does have its cold days in there (some flurries) but nice overall..January-March is slightly miserable..I can't lie. Snow..snow..slush..sludge..snow..but you'd get that at Penn State too, right? Spring? Gorgeous. It is the best quarter..it seemed to rain a lot this year but its okay..the temps are usually mild (between 65-80) with low humidity..we do still get really cold spells (snow in april?) and really hot days..but its nice for the most part.
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  • livesforsummerlivesforsummer 414 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, the weather is miserable at Penn State.. I live in PA though, so it's not like the cold would be a total shock to me, lol!

    Thanks so much! You've made me like the idea of this school so much more! (Even though I'm only a rising HS junior, I'll definitely put it on my mental list of colleges I want to visit!)
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  • cbdcbd 165 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I think a 'con' of OSU is the quarter system, with the calendar that in not in-sync with most other school's calendars; school only starts late September and don't get out until June. Some may prefer it though I think its a real drawback. But I heard they may be changing that to regular semesters
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  • YeahItsCaseYeahItsCase 23 replies2 threads New Member
    We are changing to semesters..but I would call our current quarter system an absolute pro, not a con. I love it and I'm actually glad that I will be graduated when they switch (current switch date is 2012-2013 I believe). You get more class variety and things are just faster paced (much like the real world) and if you don't like a class..its okay cause you'll only have it for 10 weeks, not 15. And while we are switching to semesters eventually, they aren't exactly true semesters..they will be a week or two short of a 'full' one. Its a compromise.

    And i'm glad I've helped!! As I said..I love OSU and I have had the most incredible time here and have been given the best opportunities. Some people say its too big or not their style..but I think OSU has something for everyone. As far as it being too big, if you get involved then you will meet a ton of people..I literally see people I know everyday just walking on campus and once you get into your major classes, you will have classes with the same people too. Its not as big as they make it out to be!
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  • livesforsummerlivesforsummer 414 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Thanks so much, keep the pro's and con's coming!
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  • livesforsummerlivesforsummer 414 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Also, does anybody know abnout the social work (undergrad) program at OSU?
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