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Thread for the Desperately waiting Internationals.....

jackwangjackwang 178 replies29 threads Junior Member
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Hi every one

After seeing so many people got their CW invitations, I, an applicant from Europe, am so desperate now. I am kinda loosing my hopes mostly because of all the hassles associated with my applications to US universities, as half of my applications forms I sent are missing, while I cannot contact my advisor as the school is closed for holiday. Besides, I got entangled with military service issue when I had Xmas holiday in my home country. Ironically, instead of working hard on my US applications, I was and am working hard on my "application" to postpone my military service. Right now, my whole family is so troubled since I have to go back to my home country every one month, because I am now officially only a "tourist" in Europe.

The thing is, according to my natal chart (I know some astronomy), this year will be very tumultuous for me and it's predicted that I am likely to undergo a big accident. Any way, sentiment aside, generally, are US universities right now done with their evaluations of the applications they have received? because surprisingly the postal service has such a high rate of failed delivery, and I really didn't have the time to fax my forms, am I really screwed? Are they just going to reject me because they think I am not interested in them while the truth is I am in all sort of difficult situations? I am going to ask them about this, but unfortunately it's weekend now. Can somebody please help me with this before hand?

As for Olin, well, what's the difference between USPS and UPS? I assume I will get either a rejection letter via normal post or something else via USPS. How fast is USPS?
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Replies to: Thread for the Desperately waiting Internationals.....

  • mregomrego 994 replies44 threads Senior Member
    UPS = United Parcel Service (an independent company like Federal Express)
    USPS = US Postal Service (quasi governmental postal monopoly)
    You could get a UPS on Monday if that's how they sent it.
    USPS could take ...several days?... even for priority international mail.
    Your best bet is to check your email on Monday.
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  • pchan406pchan406 30 replies1 threads Junior Member
    yikes, that sounds horrible....i've gotta ask, what's your home country that its asking you for compulsory military service?

    in response to your question, most american colleges (with the exception of olin, of course) dont make final decisions available until late march/early april. don't get too stressed out if you didn't get your CW invite today, i would imagine it would take more than a day for a UPS package, even an overnight one, to go overseas, particularly due to the fact that at least where i live most of the airports have extremely delayed flights due to inclement weather.

    i know olin's and most other colleges' websites make it fairly clear that they are tolerant of extraneous circumstances that would prevent you from having necessary paperwork in on time (although i would imagine it would probably be too late for olin) so just contact admissions for all the US schools you're applying to and keep your hopes up! good luck!
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  • auronaaurona 190 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Hey jackwang, I've seen a few of your posts around CC. You really have a lot of obstacles that we domestic students do not, so seriously: good luck and I wish you the best.
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