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If anyone deserves to be here, you do because of passion alone. I wish there were something I could do. May be we should all send an email to Olin's admission office. Being an Olin student is all about passion, caring, and team work. Let's start now. Who is with me?
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    Ok so seeing that message scared me lol. I mean, it was like being called down to the principal's office. You don't know why, it's just your name. Ok, am I making sense? ANYWAY...

    I'm still hoping (although probably without grounds) that the UPS truck will come Monday (or do they deliver Sat. if they missed a Fri. delivery?) I just feel like I'm everything Olin stands for and thought I would at least get a CW invite. I know how competitive it is though.

    Also, I'm sure there are lots of people who are as passionate (or more!) about Olin as I am...They just have better things to do than come on CC and post about it. :P

    Yeah, but I wouldn't mind a letter writing campaign to get me in. :P </sarcasm> xP
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