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Top online universities?

KendellKendell 62 replies26 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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Could someone provide a list of the top universities that offer distance education along with their traditional???
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Replies to: Top online universities?

  • 311Griff311Griff 1533 replies53 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Here are some that offer online education, but I don't know if they are top universities or not:

    DePaul University
    Maryland-College Park
    University of Alabama

    I'm sure there are a lot more...here is a website that may help you find them:

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  • KendellKendell 62 replies26 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I have a question about Maryland, you say Maryland -"College Park" offers online degrees, however when I enter their online degree page of their website it says Maryland-"University College". Do you know what the reason for the name change is?? Is it the same school? On the diploma would it say "College Park" or "University College"?
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  • KendellKendell 62 replies26 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    anyone know the answer to these questions I have?
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  • KendellKendell 62 replies26 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    In case I mislead anyone I'm looking for top oline UNDERGRADUATE business programs???
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  • mombo1mombo1 43 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Penn State with their World Campus provides a prestigious online degree, including a bachelor's degree.
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  • amith1amith1 208 replies15 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I just applied to Vanderbilt for a completely on line degree. I am not sure if they have undergrad degrees though.
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  • QuincunxQuincunx 15 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Harvard Extension School.
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  • zucky07zucky07 161 replies10 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    college park and university college are not the same, so I'm guessing that on the diploma it would say university college.
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  • edsummer82edsummer82 6 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Definiely Marist College
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  • RoaringMiceRoaringMice 684 replies2 threadsRegistered User Member
    There are many strong schools with online degree programs. I always recommend that students who are looking at online programs only look at those programs tied to universities with excellent off-line reputations. Some of the ones I tend to recommend include:

    Columbia University
    Cornell University
    University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    Univeristy of Maryland
    Carnegie Mellon
    Rensellaer Polytechnic
    Worcester Polytechnic
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  • TphoenixMTphoenixM 4 replies3 threadsRegistered User New Member
    University of Phoenix! THe first and leader in the field!
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  • uicgrad1uicgrad1 62 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Yep. I'm doing my Master's in Public Policy and Administration at Northwestern, but just applied at Penn State World Campus to work on my 2nd bachelor's in Criminal Justice during the quarters I won't be at NU. I think its through the Harrisburg Campus? Not sure of the major differences between campuses, but I have a friend who went to Penn State-University Park and said all degrees read the same thing-even the World Campus. I confirmed that on the website. Definitely not a bad gig, especially since I live in IL.

    I have a BA in Economics with a minor Criminal Justice. I kind of always wished I took the extra 6 classes to finish my 2nd degree in CrJ, but I was itching to get out of school.

    Since NU is so expensive...my work only pays for two classes a year. So, I'm going every other quarter. I figured I'd do this online degree program at Penn State World to keep me in the "school mode", plus work on a degree in the process. I'll be paying for PSU out of pocket...but its about 1/2 the price of a NU grad class.
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  • merlinjonesmerlinjones 758 replies49 threads- Member
    The top online Universities are the Universities which are old, established, and just so happen to have an online degree option for a couple of majors.
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  • admisscounsadmisscouns 182 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I work in the field and agree with merlinjones. The best online programs are those affiliated with universities who have well-established reputations. Newly established schools with newly created online degree programs ... which have no on-campus students and no record of established academic integrity and reputation ... are a very poor risk.

    Since business was mentioned, the online BBA program at UMass Amherst is also a good choice. Their Isenberg School of Management is always highly ranked by Business Week.
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  • Vincey37Vincey37 23 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    If you are willing to think internationally, the University of London has some nice programs.
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