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Transfer from community to online?

catsmintscatsmints 0 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
I'm almost finished with earning my ADT in Psychology, but my living situation will be changing soon and I will be moving out of state. I will also be working full time to support myself, and since this is such a big change from how I currently live, I feel like working and going to school at the same time will be very difficult when I first start out. Am able to transfer my community credits towards a bachelor's degree with an online program like Capella? It would be easier to get my school work done at home during my free time. And a separate but related question, does having an online bachelor's degree ruin my chances of getting into a graduate program?
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  • kidzncatzkidzncatz 969 replies7 threadsRegistered User Member
    Capella is a for-profit institution. If you definitely want an online school, it will be much better to choose a public university. Many of them offer the same tuition rates for instate and out-of-state students if courses are taken entirely online. I can't answer your last question, but in general, in-class degrees are held in higher regard than online degrees. It probably depends to a certain extent on your career goals.
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  • Nontrad97Nontrad97 2 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    I'm not sure what state you're in but Sacramento State has a fully online Psychology degree program. It's meant for resuming adult students or those who have stopped college for a time. However they can admit people for other reasons *I think*. You should check it out. I wouldn't bother with Capella. Look for a better online program.
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  • librarygirl8librarygirl8 57 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    If you earn your degree from a public or private college/university that offers the same or similar degrees on their campus, your degree from online classes should not be viewed any differently from an on-campus degree and would not hurt your chances of graduate school. On the other hand, a degree from a for-profit, online-only institution may not be looked upon the same way.
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