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Doing Online degree WHILE going to real uni at the same time?

alero86alero86 122 replies48 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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Hi everyone!
I wanted to know whether it's possible to go to a "real" university (in Europe) where I live and attend classes, and at the same time pursue an online degree in another subject.
I'm doing this especially because in Italy/France/Germany we don't have anything such as "major/minor"; we can do only one subject.

I'm planning to study sth like "International Relations" in the "real" university and do something easier online, especially because I have great background knowledge in the field as a hobby and interest (but would not like to work in the field): Computer Science/Engineering or Psychology.

Which are in your opinion the the online unis in those subjects that most satisfy my needs?
- full coverage of the subject;
- recognized and accredited internationally;
- flexibility in time management (since my main priority is obviously my "real" university).

Thank you in advance!
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Replies to: Doing Online degree WHILE going to real uni at the same time?

  • dallas808dallas808 755 replies13 threadsRegistered User Member
    Be sure to check if your degree program allows concurrent registration/enrollment at a different university? In some places, that is sufficient ground for dismissal.
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  • uicgrad1uicgrad1 62 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I'm gonna try the same thing next summer. I'm in a traditional Master's program at Northwestern University, but I'm going to try and complete my 2nd bachelor's in Criminal Justice through Penn State's World Campus (just got my admissions letter yesterday for Summer 07). But, it all depends on how much Penn State gives me as far as transfer credits. I really don't want to be taking Gen Eds again.

    I have a traditional bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    I might do an online MBA after all that too. Florida State or Nebraska will be my target schools should I decide to continue going to school.

    I'm a big supporter of online education. But, I'd only pursue one through an established traditional school. I wouldn't get a degree from University of Phoenix Online or Kaplan.
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