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Online MBA?

acmeacme 540 replies40 postsRegistered User Member
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I have seen ads for online MBA degrees from reputable schools, and I am an adult with an MS degree already, but seeking the added credentials of an MBA for career enhancement. Can it be possible that there is a credible MBA program through online coursework? With a job and a family, I can't manage more than that. If so, what are some that are good?
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Replies to: Online MBA?

  • MBGradAssistMBGradAssist 3 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Many quality schools have online options these days. Do you want a general MBA degree or looking for an industry focus? Think about that issue and will help narrow search.
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  • acmeacme 540 replies40 postsRegistered User Member
    Thanks. Since I posted I have been doing more research and found that both Northeastern and Drexel have online programs. I'm going to keep on looking, because these are way more expensive than going part time to a public college near where I live. I will have to weigh the pros and cons.
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  • remlingerjremlingerj 15 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    Some public colleges offer online MBA programs that are significantly cheaper. Check out UM Lowell or Amherst or Florida State.

    Drexel and Northeastern are among the most expensive you will find.
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  • RobNycRobNyc 12 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
    WGU.edu Western Governors University offers MBA
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  • tomofbostontomofboston 2258 replies115 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Most employers will reimburse all or most of tuition costs if the degree program is relevant to their current job or career path with the company.

    BTW, my employer does not recognize degrees from online-only universities, including the "fabled" University of Phoenix. Seeing such a degree on a resume results in no further consideration for employment.
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  • jpgilchjpgilch 5 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    your employer completely disregards candidates who have any degree from U of Ph?
    i was thinking of wrapping up my BS online at U of PH and then going for my masters on campus at St John's near my home in NY ....
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  • marcostaylormarcostaylor 1 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Online MBA programs are offered by many colleges and universities. These programs are preferred mostly by working professionals who wish to advance their careers, or by individuals who do not wish to attend brick and mortar colleges for various reasons. MBA course modules aim at training students in multiple facets of business administration, including accounting, finance, economics, information systems, marketing, decision-making and communication. The program is designed to prepare you for leadership and managerial roles. Nowadays, online MBA programs are offered in multiple disciplines. You can check Independence University, which has been offering online education since 30 years. The University offers an online MBA degree in Business and Healthcare.
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  • ParalegalParalegal 26 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    1. University of Massachusetts - Lowell's College of Management - Online MBA Program- AACSB accredited.

    MBA: College of Management - UMassOnline.net

    2. University of Colorado - Online MBA program - AACSB accredited.


    3. University of Florida - Online MBA - AACSB accredited

    University of Florida MBA Programs
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  • BIGeastBEASTBIGeastBEAST 1538 replies7 posts- Senior Member
    Penn State and WVU offer online MBA's.

    I believe Nebraska and Florida State do as well.

    Indiana has one online via a satellite school, but is apparently accredited through the Kelley School of Business.
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  • MissShonaMissShona 26 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Just some notes to some of the schools mentioned...

    WVU's online MBA is an executive MBA, not a traditional one. It is also "blended" in that you are required to do a management internship (they list some locations in Washington D.C., but I don't know if it is required) or a study abroad trip. Also the tuition for non-WV residents is $70K for the 2-year program. Very hefty (I got my BA from WVU as an out of state student...my tuition was no where near that!).

    UF's MBA program is also blended. You have to come to Gainesville periodically.

    Be sure to fully read the program descriptions of any "online MBA" programs. Many schools do in fact require that you either come to campus, or do some sort of trip. Not always a bad thing; but it may not be feasible given your situation.
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  • 4education4education 14 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    U of P has a generally horrible reputation among employers. You might want to call around to a few employers you'd like to work for one day and ask them who they recommend.
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  • karkrikarkri 114 replies7 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    The bottom line is - an online MBA from a reputed brick-and-mortar University is (usually) treated same as their regular (classroom) MBA.

    MBA's from online-only universities are usually looked down upon.
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  • bonnie419bonnie419 269 replies9 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    A co-worker is getting her MBA online through Colorado State U. It's also a brick-and-mortar uni. I believe it's in Ft. Collins, CO. Each class is about $1300. No problem in getting reimbursed by employer, and this is an employer that will find any reason to not pay.

    I agree about Univ of Phoenix. Stay away from the 'for-profit' places. Yes, they can have some good instructors and cost ALOT, but not a good reputation. Don't waste your time or money.
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  • alauwpalauwp 3 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    If you want an accredited, ranked, and reputable institution with an incredible staff, check out ASU's WP Carey online MBA program.

    Top Online MBA Degree Program | W.P. Carey School of Business
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  • defonedefone 38 replies2 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Indiana University (Kelley School of Business) also offers a reputable online MBA.
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  • BioAnthroPsychBioAnthroPsych 113 replies8 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Consider Frostburg State University...the program is AACSB accredited, it is a student-centered institution, and the entire degree can be earned for between $12,000 - $15,000. I earned mine for about $8,000 due to being in state and taking proficiency exams.
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  • jaychangjaychang 12 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
    I like the MBAs from:

    Northeastern University - Online MBA Degree Program | Northeastern University

    Florida International University - Online MBA Program - Distance Learning by Florida International University

    Quinnipiac University - Master of Business Administration - Quinnipiac University – Hamden, Connecticut

    Thunderbird Global School of Management - MBA Distance Learning Programs - Thunderbird School of Global Management

    All programs are AACSB accredited and from reputable, high ranking schools.
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  • konetkar500konetkar500 1 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    Business Administration is the most popular and sought after online degree. This degree prepares for any type of management position. Online degrees are available in business administration (BA), masters degree (MBA), or even a certificate for the most basic of business concepts and practices just to name a few.
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  • UclaColumbiaUclaColumbia 74 replies16 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    UNC Chapel Hill.
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  • rupert421rupert421 39 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    You want to do cheap, look at ASU's online MBA. It's through the actual business school (W.P. Carey), and their programs ranks I think in the Top 30 in the US. Great school, but start studying for your GMAT. Other's like Penn State are good and Indiana University ranks like 19th. Unfortunately, most all online MBA's are really expensive. If you're going to do it get a Top 30 so when you graduate you get a job that can take care of the loan. If you got some management experience look into some executive MBA's like Duke. Best of luck.....

    PS I am doing an online MS at Northeastern right now and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
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