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Best Majors For Pre-Law

clarkkclarkk Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
edited September 2011 in Other College Majors
I am interested in Pre-Law, however, what are the best majors for pre-law advising? I am interested in history and political science, which brought me to the decision to become a lawyer. My grades are high (4.0 GPA) as are my SAT scores (1890 total). I have been involved in public speaking for 8 years, and I excel at analyzing text and writing. What other majors do law schools like to see, and what is "the best" major to go into if I plan to become a lawyer?
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Replies to: Best Majors For Pre-Law

  • foreignrelationsforeignrelations Registered User Posts: 75 Junior Member
    If you know you want to be a lawyer 100%, the best major is said to be philosophy, because it teaches you the basis of the logical thinking that is needed for law school. I would also take a few electives in constitutional law.

    You could have a major in political science or history if that's what you like, but I'm taking the intro to philosophy course right now, and there is a lot of history and political science in it, so philosophy could be good enough to suit your passions. You do learn some of the law related material in the fields like ethical concepts and political philosophy.

    I also did public speaking for a long time, and am considering law school. But I'm not 100% set on that path, and I'm good at math, so I'm looking into economics. So really it's just up to what you're passion it about.
  • clarkkclarkk Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
    I was thinking about Philosophy, actually. Do you know if it's possible to major and minor in something, still keeping the pre-law emphasis/advising? If so, I would choose between a major in history or a major in political science, with a minor in philosophy.
  • foreignrelationsforeignrelations Registered User Posts: 75 Junior Member
    Yeah you can major in political science or history, and then minor in philosophy. I would honestly do it the other way around, but that's up to you.
  • CJ MadisonCJ Madison Registered User Posts: 488 Member
    ANY major in which you excel and get a great GPA is fine for law school. There are those who believe certain classical major students do better on the LSA, and thus law school acceptances.

    Doing well on the LSAT cannot be emphasized enough. Most law schools rely on this test, more so than your GPA, for law school admissions.

    A technical degree with a few years experience with a good LSAT - can gain you entrance into the best law schools as well as majors in philosophy, classics, PoliSci majors.

    Law schools want you to be able to think logically and critically analyze data and write well. So, any coursework in this realm will do.

    LSAT prep is the most important.

    My 2 cents.

  • lebob23lebob23 Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    I am in the same situation as you are, I suggest that you find out what your college is known for and go from there. For example there might be stronger professors in one subject matter than the other and it would be to your advantage to study philosophy as opposed to history.
  • DwalkerDwalker Registered User Posts: 251 Junior Member
    Your major doesn't matter, and people who major in polisci and philosophy dont typically score the highest on MCAT. Major in whatever you want besides things like criminal justice. I wouldn't dare major in only philosophy. A more practical degree would be best. Getting into a good law school is hard and falling back on a philosophy degree is not wise to me. Personally I would major in econ because not only will you learn skills for law school your career outlook will be much more broad.

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  • Marco117Marco117 Registered User Posts: 529 Member
    As people have said, Economics, Philosophy, History, Literature, you can major in any of those (And more) and get into Law School with good scores. I don't wanna tell you any one would prepare you better than the other, as people have been and will be debating that for a long time to come. I say major in something and minor in something. While its good to have a passion for Philosophy I personally wouldn't think about majoring in it. Its hard to get into a good law school and if I personally didn't get into one, i'd look to do something else entirely. So pick a major that you can fall back on if Law School falls through or you decide you don't want to do it anymore. Maybe Econ. or Poli Sci and then minor in Philosophy.

    Personally I currently want to go to Law School and am Majoring in English Lit. and looking for a 2nd major. I'll probably major in Philosophy. I want to have it all worked out by December when the fall semester ends.
  • calintz333calintz333 Registered User Posts: 26 New Member
    In short Philosophy - Simply because of the way this major teaches you to think / problem solve is very akin to the ways you will have to do so in law school.

    However, any major will really do. Keep a high GPA, show a genuine interest in law with some internships, get a good LSAT score and your good to go.

    Here comes a shocker a lot of people on this forum seem to not know...or simply choose to ignore.

    You don't have to get to a tier 1 school to make a good living ! <(O0O)>

    I know right?


    Just work hard, get good scores on your LSAT and a high GPA. You will get into a decent law school. Do well in law school, get internships, network and make the right connections. You will do fine.
  • mmmgirlmmmgirl Registered User Posts: 933 Member
    What does anyone think of american studies as a pre-law major? Does anyone know about yale's program? From the website it sounds like a combination of history, political science and a few other subjects? Yale is my first choice school, and i paln to go to law school then politics. I emailed the department and they said it might be a good idea. Would it look like an interesting and original alternative to polisci (which seems to be to pre-law what bio is to pre-med), or does it just sound like a lightweight patriotic option?
  • kwukwu Registered User Posts: 4,759 Senior Member
    Philosophy, most certainly. The systematic, step-by-step process by which you think and present arguments will be invaluable to you, whether or not you pursue law.

    Then, English, French, or Russian because literature humanizes.

    PoliSci would prepare you well to read absurd amounts of material selectively, to BS masterfully.

    History would prepare you well to read absurd amounts of material selectively, to condense and present skillfully.

    n.b., there is no such thing as pre-law. There is Jurisprudence, but only a handful of select undergraduate institutions offer legitimate programs in it.

    American Studies sounds very fulfilling for the reason that it's so interdisciplinary. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what one majors in, so study what will make you happy and in what you'll succeed.
  • CJ MadisonCJ Madison Registered User Posts: 488 Member
    Once Again - Paraphrased from UC Berkely Law Dean interview on Law School discussions - The major for undergad "doesn't matter" as long as you've done well (i.e. good GPA), taken a rigorous curriculum.

    Agree it's important to major in something you're interested and will enjoy and do well. Whether that's Art, Music, or PoliSci, Philosophy.

    The Law Dean did recommend some courses such as logic, ethics, classics to help you learn think like a lawyer and do better on your LSAT. These classes can be taken with any major.

    Personal comment - you have to also think about what happes if you don't get into law school. A degree where you can actually get a job might be a good fall back. I don't know of many jobs for an undergrad with a major in pholosophy. Have a plan "B".

    One other comment - law school admissions commitees like to include applicants with "diversity". So, a unique undergrad major, say engineering, art, music, who does well, and high LSATs will have an advantage over the many apps with philosophy, polysci, business majors, etc.

    My 2 cents

    Any lawyers out there? Please comment.

  • floridadad55floridadad55 Registered User Posts: 2,262 Senior Member
    As a lawyer myself, I would say courses in political science, american government, and american history, would be most important. Also courses in writing.

    However, there is such a vast oversupply of lawyers out there that I would strongly advise you not to become a lawyer.
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