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kaylan1997kaylan1997 26 replies33 threads Junior Member
Alright everyone, so I'm currently a sophomore/junior (I transferred in from a CC last semester so my credits are kind of messed up) and I'm majoring in Sociology and Criminology with a concentration in Criminology and Forensic Behavior Science with a minor in forensic psych and peace, justice, and human rights (my school has a lot of different tracks, which you can do multiple).

Unlike most people who get a degree in criminology I am NOT looking to join the regular police force, FBI, or any special force like that. I have a huge love for criminology but I obviously know it's not the best in terms of marketability. Which is why I wanted to ask for opinions on grad school because I already know I need to go to get a job and I would rather start looking now.

What careers can I go into? I know my college has a master program with social work so that's obviously an option. Getting my PHD and teaching is also another option. What else? I really just want to work in the criminology field or just helping people, specifically juveniles or women. I also find the prison system incredibly interesting but can't work as a corrections officer.

BTW, for context: it's not that I don't want to work as police officer or correction officer but I physically can't. I have a lot of health problems, which will prevent me from getting into them. Also, I'm not that good at math which is why I'm not going into the STEM field and I'm not going into the healthcare field either because my health problems will make it difficult. Criminology is honestly the only thing I really enjoy.
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  • techmom99techmom99 3532 replies6 threads Senior Member
    Perhaps you can work as a probation or parole officer which would give you the law enforcement experience you want but not be as physically taxing as being a police officer. Probation might be easier because you are dealing with people who have often not been sent to prison for their offenses while parole is post-prison supervision.
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