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I'm scared about College.

maggie3602001maggie3602001 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
edited August 2009 in Other College Majors
I'm a junior in High School this year. College will arrive in a blink of a eye and yet I still have no clue what I'm going to major in, what college is best for me, and what accomplishments do I want from my life.

My mother, however, wants me to stay at the local community college for 2 years, and then transfer to a university, yet I'm not really fond to that idea. Sure, it will probably saves like thousands of money, but I dislike the place I live badly. I just can't wait to get outta of here.

My goal of life is to travel around world, and the only one I know that could help me do that is to maybe join the tourism career, but then that comes to my biggest problem: CAN I MAKE A LIVING OUTTA OF IT? (I know about Flight attendances as well, but it's not a guarantee) You would need to know a lot of stuff while in the Tourism career; countries' history, able to speak different types of languages, and the list goes on and on.

I know that there isn't a such thing as "working 3 hours and get paid like $20 an hour" & I'm not saying that I was looking for something like that, but I don't want to spend 4 years in college studying a major that I could be jobless after graduate.

I do have interests and such; like music, cartoons, photography, computers, dances and math, but they are not something that I do greatly on.

I was wondering if there was a major that's very likely to get a job once you're outta of college, or maybe can even get a job during college and I was wondering if some of you guys can give me some opinions about it.

I have been thinking about Business related majors; like hotel management and Computer related majors.
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Replies to: I'm scared about College.

  • pandempandem Registered User Posts: 1,364 Senior Member
    Barring niche majors, engineering majors have the best job prospects. Look into nursing as well.

    Also an idea; teaching English abroad. Most of the time you only need a college degree, nothing specific. You won't get rich, but you'll make enough to live off of.
  • AuburnMathTutorAuburnMathTutor Registered User Posts: 1,770 Senior Member
    If you want to see the world and have great job security, learn some languages, history, literature, etc. and go talk to the U.S. military.
  • spookyjeffspookyjeff Registered User Posts: 190 Junior Member
    Many majors can allow you to see the world, colleges eat that sort of thing up give tons of opportunities for study-abroad and such. After finishing your education a lot of majors can allow you to visit different countries, learn one of the bigger languages (Chinese comes to mind) and you could do overseas work for practically anything.

    Engineering can take you overseas but it kind of seems like a silly idea to go into that if your dream job is travel intensive as you're more likely to settle down at once place for that, nursing is also possible but you'll probably be limited to working for the peacecorps or something to utilize that in travel.

    That said your idea of business-related majors is a pretty good fit as larger businesses often need foreign affairs workers, I'm not too sure on the specifics but going into business would be an excellent way to travel for a living.
  • comiclovercomiclover Registered User Posts: 683 Member
    "go talk to the U.S. military."

    I actually kinda agree.

    My dad was in the military and he lived/went to France, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, England (with us for 5 years), and finally back to the US. He now works for the FBI.

    But I guess if you want something glamourous, the military isn't the best. xD
  • saccuccimsaccuccim Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    there is a major called international studies major, international business
  • GinrothGinroth Registered User Posts: 31 New Member
    Hopefully this article will clear some things up about getting a job: Study Hacks Blog Archive Want a Job? Don't Major in Business.
  • AuburnMathTutorAuburnMathTutor Registered User Posts: 1,770 Senior Member
    I don't mean to be rude, or to offend, but for what it's worth...

    I read that blog, and I would advise anyone who reads it to quickly get it out of their head. It's nonsense, and worse than that, it's dangerous (the naive may believe it), prejudiced (suffered through CS? business is boring?), and lies (what evidence is there for any of it?).

    It's alright to have an opinion, but honestly, that "article" is terrible.
  • maggie3602001maggie3602001 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    to spookyjeff; funny thing is that, Chinese is actually my native language. But I know there are many others like myself live in the U.S, and it will probably be like super competitive by the time I get out of college.

    I've thought about being a Translator, since like I have an advantage & could go to different places, it sounds really great and all, but then I will have to study English as well, and it sounds hard & boring.

    Military, hmmmm...

    I had a Spanish teacher who was in the military.
    Like some people said, people who joined the military do get to travel alot, and they get a good pay, but I don't want a job that will risk my life.

    My Spanish teacher told us many stories of him in the military; like almost getting killed, the military training (which sucks) & plus he's really jumpy when he hears a plane flies over our school. So, ehhh yea.

    &&&& thank you for your replies.
  • maggie3602001maggie3602001 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    shoot, i can't edit my post.

    but I would be glad to have some business majors telling me their opinions on it or any other majors.
  • keverchokevercho Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    The 'don't major in business' article is a bit inflammatory, but the rest of the blog is great. Cal Newport majored in CS with a minor in Art History btw, and in one of his articles he said that the Art History major helped him get extra attention/score a job with Microsoft (but he went to grad school in the end).

    Personally, I feel he's not far off the mark, as a straight business administration major isn't worth that much at all compared to other majors, and its perceived lack of rigor can even hurt you for future MBA or law school admissions. Most jobs (outside of a few technical positions like in engineering or accounting) don't care what your major is. He polled several employers for his data and my experiences working in IT and interning for a theatre production company resonate with his article.

    For fields like tourism, your interviewers will be satisfied enough that you completed a college degree. Like Cal says, if you need more specialized training for a job, that's what grad school is for anyway. I used to be an engineering major, and it seems that only engineers can get decent job promotion and placement opportunities with just a bachelors.
  • world changerworld changer Registered User Posts: 2,503 Senior Member
    Not everyone in the military has to risk their life. There are things for you can do for the military other than being a soldier. They need administrative people, psychologists/counselors, nurses, chefs, etc. as well.

    I agree that the military is the best way to get the chance to travel with job security and a good salary.

    There are other options, like journalism and photography. But it's harder to guarantee job security as a travel journalist/photojournalist.

    The other option I can think of off-hand are fields like community organization and non-profit management.
  • maggie3602001maggie3602001 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    to kevercho;
    really? I thought if you apply a job at a bank, the interviewers would at least look if you were majoring in any type of business. It's kind of weird, if you majored in arts/music and you looked for a job at a bank.

    I was thinking about majoring in Business was because I heard that they get wonderful wages and usually it's very easy to find a job once out of college, but then what you said hit me.

    & now I'm starting to think that Computer Science might be my best bet. haha

    to world changer;;
    okay, let just say.... that they are having war at this place, and yet the U.S government has to send people over there to fight.
    Wouldn't that make all those people who lived there, for any reason be risking their lives? Maybe their chances of getting killed is unlikely, but it's a possibility.

    I'm not really looking into the Tourism career, even though I love to travel, because I have travel a lot with tour guides and we often hear them talked about something like this "oh, I have to take another group today. Dang, it's the 5th of this month"

    I want travel to be fun, and not just going to the same place over again.

    Now, I'm just more confused.
    okay, maybe I'm leading everyone in the wrong way.

    I don't believe in majoring in one passion thing, because that is easily changed.
    I've heard way too many people changing their majors, because it wasn't what they expected.
    But I also don't want to major in something useless.

    So, what exactly are some of the good majors out there, that you can easily get a job once you're out of college?
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