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Fulbright graduate degree grant program question / US to UK

WWWardWWWard 3152 replies15 threads Senior Member
I understand that an applicant for a Fulbright graduate degree grant can only apply to one county and one grant type per year, but in doing so, can an applicant apply to a # of the institutions in that country (like the UK) offering such a Fulbright grant or only one?
On this Fulbright page...
there is the following statement... "You must make a separate application to your chosen UK institution(s), the timeline and deadlines for which will vary from the Fulbright application." This seems to imply that applicants can apply to more than one institution. If so, do applicants rank them when applying for the Fulbright graduate degree grant itself? or how exactly does that process work?

I have scoured the Fulbright website, but I am thus far unable to find this specific answer anywhere. Hopefully someone with experience in this arena can offer some insight. Thank you for your assistance.
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Replies to: Fulbright graduate degree grant program question / US to UK

  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35410 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Your UG college should have a rep or team that interfaces and knows the ins and outs. DH had to apply with a foreign institution willing (or lisely) to sponsor him on that end.
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  • WWWardWWWard 3152 replies15 threads Senior Member
    @lookingforward Thank you. They do so... but they also coordinate with undergraduates for 13 different external fellowships. I am not quite sure how knowledgeable they will be about the specific requirements of each. My daughter will meet with them in person early next term, once it begins. But we were also hoping to use the balance of the summer to research as much as we can on our own.
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  • MamaBear16MamaBear16 1103 replies13 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2019
    As far as I know you can only apply to a single program, but my daughter did all of the research on her own, online and through her college's program, so I can't say I understand the process 100%, plus she went for the research grant, not the graduate degree program. Good luck!
    edited August 2019
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  • WWWardWWWard 3152 replies15 threads Senior Member
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