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Posse Interview Tips

Hey everyone, I just had my first Posse interview, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips on the second and third rounds. It would be greatly appreciated.
Related to the second round:
a. How long does the interview take?
b. Do they give you time at the end to ask them questions, and if so what are some good things to ask?
c. What kind of questions do they ask?
d. How many people are in the room?
e. How formal is it?
f. What are a few things about this round that you wish you knew going into the interview?
g. What is the best way to prepare for the interview?
h. What kind of questions do they ask you about the schools and how you ranked them?
i. Do you need to rank all of the schools or just top 3?
j. How long after the second interview do you get notified if you make it to the final interview?
k. What all do you need to bring to the interview?
l. How early should you show up to the interview?
m. Is it a typical interview (like a job interview), if not how is it different?
n. What are some other tips/advice that you have that I haven't mentioned yet?

I know that this is a lot, but any information helps! Thank you so much!
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