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Hello All,

I have recently finished my application for an AROTC scholarship. I understand there is no way to know my chances with 100% accuracy, but rough estimations are nice to have. I know there are probably people on this forum who are qualified to make pretty accurate guesses based on applicant's scores and extracurriculars. I have been thinking about my chances a lot recently and figured the best thing I could do was to make a Reddit post. So my final question is---> Based on the numbers below, what are my chances of receiving either a 4 or 3-year AROTC scholarship? Thanks in advance to those who are able to give an answer.

Fitness Assesment-
6:17 mile
60 pushups
95 sit ups .

Unweighted: 3.5
Weighted:3.8 (Mostly AP and honors, some regular)

Varsity Cross Country all 4 years
Varsity Track Junior and Senior Year
Varsity Swim Team Senior Year----Weightlifting all 4 years

Presidential Bronze Service Award---Eagle Scout---NHS----President of veterans service club---Boys State---Flag Raiser---School admissions tour guide---Astronomy Club---Political Discussion Club----First Three years of Highschool Job---

ACT- 27
English=31 Reading=32 Science=22 Math=23

My top Schools are listed chronologically as follows: Texas A and M, VMI, Virginia Tech, Citadel, Auburn

My major choice is Economics.
The reason I listed school choice and major is that I've heard it matters a little bit.
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