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Callback process?

NightOwl2NightOwl2 Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
edited April 2013 in Pace University MT
Asking for a friend. I know there is a pre-screen but is the callback day similar to last year's audition?
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Replies to: Callback process?

  • PelkyAgainPelkyAgain Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    I'm not sure what it was like last year but my son just auditioned yesterday morning. They split the MTs into two dance groups. The ones dancing second did their songs and monologues first. It was a little more disorganized than some of the other schools we've been to where they let you know beforehand if you will be dancing first thing. They posted a callback list around 11:30 or so. I think almost 1/2 the MTs got callbacks. After that there was an info session with the faculty and then the afternoon group did their auditions. They said most likely we wouldn't get a final decision until March 1.
  • PelkyAgainPelkyAgain Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    Parents also got a tour of their brand new building which was very nice.
  • hopefulMT2017hopefulMT2017 Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    I just found out about the whole callback thing yesterday, however, I was informed by a friend who got a callback that it was a lot less than half.. A very small number actually. makes me anxious aaaah.
  • NightOwl2NightOwl2 Registered User Posts: 107 Junior Member
    I don't recall if there were callbacks for MT last year as my D did not get one. She did get a callback for Acting and the number called back was very small, about 4 - 7 from each group. In the end she was accepted to MT so you never know!
  • dreambelle13dreambelle13 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    Are callbacks a new thing that they added????
  • Daphne1Daphne1 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    My d auditioned this weekend. We were very surprised to find that there were call backs. She did not get one. It seems that very few did, although I can't be sure of that.
  • MomofaMTsonMomofaMTson Registered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    My S auditioned yesterday for MT at Pace. In his group (approx. 20-24 kids), only two were called back. My S was not one of them. In the information session, they made it sound like not getting called back did not necessarily mean you were not still being considered, but that was not the case. They clarified with the kids that if you are not called back, you are out. I guess it's nice to know right away. Glad we don't have to wait to hear until April, like with some other schools. Trying to look on the bright side of an exhausting, expensive and disappointing weekend.
  • DreaminbigDreaminbig Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    My D auditioned on Saturday 2/2 on campus. She was fortunate to receive a callback, where they performed their audition material for Amy Rogers. Out of about 50 I would say only 15 received callbacks.
  • prntosomeprntosome Registered User Posts: 175 Junior Member
    My D auditioned for Pace on 2/3. They began a new process this year. First you must submit an online (video) audition, to receive an invitation to come in person to audition. The MT groups consisted of about 23-25 students. Only about 2-3 were given callbacks from each group. They received 2200 applications this year - compared to 900 last year, and about 1300 were given in-person auditions. Auditions are in front of program directors and casting agents. As they listened to audition material, they talked among themselves as to what roles you could fit into on stage. My D got the impression that they are very concerned about getting kids cast into shows during their time at the school and this may be the new direction of the college. So, you may be very talented, but if they don't see you as fitting a specific role on BW - you may not have a chance for the callback. In the end, only 14 girls and 14 boys will get a spot. This is now the new high bar for college admission. The admissions director told me that the "numbers" for applications will only get harder and higher as the years go. Likely, they will get a reputation for getting lots of students cast in shows, but this is the reason. So, other schools may be better for actual training, if you don't make the cut at Pace.
  • MToroperaMToropera Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    I had a horrible experience at Pace. They claim they love "uniqueness" and "being different". This has drastically changed with this new audition process this year. If you weren't a triple threa you most likely were cut after the first round. Plus Amy claims she loves to hear unique performers yet she never even heard 3/4 of the performers sing. Also while in the waiting room I already got a bad vibe as all the kids speaking were very pretentious and full of themselves. I did not feel very welcomed. Also they put up the list in front of everyone and if you werent called back made u walk back to the other building in front of everyone. I was expecting a very welcoming vibe from Pace from what I have heard . I also had seen several performers there from their senior showcases in the past that were not triple threats at all be it a different size or more of a dancer less of a voice. This "new" Pace seems like a way to make their school become the "best". They don't care about the students just their reputation.

    You can disagree with me all you want, this is just my opinion!
    I dont see why you would claim you love unique performers when I saw who was called back.
  • hopefulMT2017hopefulMT2017 Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    Alright, I'm not here to criticize your opinion on the school or anything you said for that matter, but I will let you know a few things. For starters, you don't need to be a triple threat to be called back. were some of the people called back triple threats? i'm sure. however, it's not everything. I have a friend who auditioned and was one of the lucky few to receive a callback (this friend is also a girl) and she isn't considered a triple threat because she doesn't dance. she can't dance for the life of her, and it's one of the things she hopes to learn. however they called her back, and told her they loved her. she's also a very unique, comedic girl. not someone you'd expect to be your average leading girl. therefore, it's not 100% about the casting of the plays either. You are correct, however, in that it does weigh in on your acceptance. when they look at your audition, they think about the plays they'll be doing in the following semesters, and think about where they would cast you. it's obviously going to be very beneficiary if they can quickly find a place for you or see a character that they could feel great about casting you as.

    Another thing I wanted to address was the audition process. we seem to be the year that's very much out of luck when it comes to this whole callback process. I have some friends in the program, and they informed me that this is the only year that they will be doing this thing where you only get to see Amy if you get a callback. according to my sources, Amy is beyond belief busy this semester, and does not have the time to sit through all of the many auditions. the numbers are outrageous this year, and she just doesn't have the time, as she is a working professional. there are just too many people; this is not an audition that you should walk out of thinking you're not cut out for the business if you didn't get the callback. honestly there's so much talent, there's no way it would all make it's way to Amy. if you don't get a callback at pace, I guarantee you it'll happen at another school if this is what you're meant to be studying. every person is different and there are programs that suit different kinds of people. I promise there's a program out there that's absolutely perfect and fit just for you :)
  • MTTwinsinCAMTTwinsinCA Registered User Posts: 640 Member
    Hi all, I have a S who is a freshman MT at Pace and very happy with what he sees as a challenging and exciting program. If you have any specific questions that I can answer from a parent perspective, feel free to PM me. If I don't have the answers, I'll try to track them down. My son is in a class of very talented freshman. Yes, there are some students at Pace who audition and work professionally. Pace as a whole (not just the theatre department) is a school that is very attuned to internships and professional opportunities, so it is no surprise that the theatre department works in a similar fashion. With its NYC location, the school is right in the hub of the theatre world, with many wonderful professional connections and networking opportunities, so if/when it is appropriate, students are encouraged to audition. Students may also be selected to take part in workshops and staged readings of new musicals. As for "auditioning professionally while in school," I know there are many schools of thought on this, so no need to rehash here. I'll just say that for the students who receive acceptances to Pace MT or Acting this year, it is just one of many aspects of the program to consider in your decision process. Break a leg to all. :)
  • dreambelle13dreambelle13 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    Has your friend ever been in any professional,regional, or tv/film productions? I know many people at Pace most of whom have been on broadway already...The school usually takes students like this because they "cast" more easily. I know one girl who auditioned and got rejected a couple years ago then got cast in an int'l tour and all of a sudden she is allowed to transfer the next year with no audition...coincidence much?
  • PacePerfArtsPacePerfArts Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    My name is Amy Rogers, I am the director of the Musical Theatre program at Pace University and I want to respond to some concerns that have appeared on this forum, with the hope that I can clear up some key information up for you.

    Since instituting the multiple-step audition format (initial digital audition with an in-person callback), much of our protocol has changed, but the integrity of the process has not.

    1. I, personally, view every single digital submission. I knew that due to my rehearsal schedule it would be impossible for me to be in the room for every on-campus audition. Because of this, I wanted to make sure that I saw every single applicant to the program.

    2. Our director of music, Rob Meffe, and faculty member, Bob Cline, now do the first round of campus auditions. As part of the selection committee, they make a decision during the audition day to grant a small number of callbacks so that I can meet the final applicants in person.

    3. Let me debunk some myths that have appeared on this forum.

    MYTH: “We only take professional students.” FALSE. Our professional students make up about 5% of our population. A small handful from each class happens to have professional careers already and we work with them and their schedule throughout the course of their academic career.

    MYTH: “We only take triple threats or only triple threats make it through.” FALSE. We are looking for students that are excellent in 2 out of the 3 disciplines of acting, singing and dancing.

    MYTH: “We once took students of all types, but now only take students that are commercially viable.” FALSE. We believe in the marketability of unique performers, no matter the shape, color, or size. Musical theater has come a long way from when you had to choose if you were an ing
  • LondreamLondream Registered User Posts: 136 Junior Member
    Would this process also hold for the Acting BFA, an invite to a final on campus audition ?
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