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The official Pakistani Thread for the class of 2016

usamatiwanausamatiwana Registered User Posts: 351 Member
edited August 2012 in Pakistan
Well seeing the tradition for the threads for classes of 2015, 2014 and 2013, I though us i.e. the class of 2016 needs a thread too, this might be a bit early I'm guessing but the sooner we start, the better it is. Or maybe thats what I think :P

I hope to see many people from Pakistan coming up here like in the last year's thread. :)
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Replies to: The official Pakistani Thread for the class of 2016

  • usamatiwanausamatiwana Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    Last Year's Acceptance List ( One I could get hold of from the Thread of the class of 2015)
    Harvard-5 (1 KGS, 1 Roots, 1 LLC, 2 Aitchison)
    Stanford-4 (1 KGS, 1 KAS, 1 LGS, 1 Aitchison)
    MIT-2 (1 KGS, 1 St. Patrick's)
    Yale-5 (2 KGS, 2 Roots, 1 Aitchison)
    Princeton-1 (1 Aitchison)
    Columbia-4 (2 KGS, 1 KAS, 1 Roots)
    UPenn-6 (4 KGS, 1 Aitchison, 1 Roots)
    Dartmouth-1 (1 Roots)
    Brown-1 (1 Roots)
    Cornell-7 (3 KGS, 1 Westminster, 1 Roots, 2 Aitchison)
    Duke-3 (1 LGS, 2 Roots (1 AB Duke Scholarship Finalist))
    UChicago-7 (4 KGS, 1 LS, 1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Aitchison)
    JHU-3 (1 Aitchison, 2 Roots)
    Williams-1 (1 Roots)
    Amherst-1 (1 Roots)
    NYU-6 (3 KGS, 2 Roots, 1 KGS)
    Tufts-1 (1 Roots)
    Pomona-1 (1 Roots)
    UCB-6 (4 KGS, 1 Aitchison, 1 Westminster)
    USC-2 (1 KGS. 1 Headstart)
    UCLA-16 (4 Aitchison, 9 KGS, 1 Westminster, 1 Beaconhouse, 1 LGS)
    UCSD-4 (1 LGS, 2 Roots, 1 Beaconhouse)
    UCSB-3 (2 Roots, 1 Beaconhouse)
    UCR-1 (1 Beaconhouse)
    UCD-1 (1 Beaconhouse)
    UT Austin-4 (4 Aitchison)
    Trinity (CT)-1 (1 Roots)
    Northwestern-2 (1 Aitchison, 1 KGS)
    Richmond-3 (3 Roots (1 Scholars Program-Oldham Scholar))
    Emory-1 (1 Roots)
    Lafayette-3 (1 LLC, 1 Roots, 1 Beaconhouse Defence)
    Wesleyan-4 (4 KGS)
    Smith-3 (2 KGS, 1 Westminster)
    Middlebury-2 (1 KGS, 1 Beaconhouse Defence)
    Vassar-2 (1 KGS, 1 Roots)
    Bates-3 (2 Roots, 1 LGS)
    Notre Dame -1 (1 Aitchison)
    Lehigh-1 (1 Aitchison)
    Carleton-2 (1 LLC (Starr International Scholarship), 1 Aitchison)
    Oberlin-1 (1 Aitchison)
    Mount Holyoke-7 (6 KGS, 1 Roots, 1 LGS)
    Brandeis-1 (1 Roots)
    Urbana Champaign-9 (7 KGS, 1 LGS, 1 Beaconhouse)
    Villanova-2 (2 St. Mary's)
    GWU-5 (2 KGS, 1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Westminster, 1 Beaconhouse)
    Boston-5 (2 KGS, 1 Westminster, 1 Roots, 1 Beaconhouse)
    Wellesley-1 (Westminster)
    DePauw-2 (2 Roots)
    Adelphi-1 (1 Roots)
    WPI-7 (6 Roots, 1 St. Mary's)
    Babson-1 (1 KGS)
    Texas A&M-1 (1 Roots)
    Michigan, Ann Arbor-6 (2 KGS, 1 Roots, 1 LS, 2 Aitchison)
    Northeastern-10 (2 St. Mary's, 1 LGS, 1 Westminster, 2 Roots, 2 Headstart, 1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Aitchison (Trustee Scholarship))
    Clark-1 (1 Roots)
    Rochester-1 (1 Roots)
    Furman-4 (4 Roots)
    Tulane-1 (1 Roots)
    Valparaiso-1 (1 Roots)
    Alfred-3 (3 Roots)
    Stetson-1 (1 Roots)
    Florida Institute of Technology-17 (1 LLC, 10 Roots, 3 KGS, 2 LGS, 1 Aitchison)
    Hartwick-1 (1 Roots)
    Newbury-1 (1 Roots)
    Rhode Island-2 (2 Roots)
    RISD-1 (1 KGS)
    Ohio Wesleyan-25 (6 KGS, 15 Aitchison, 4 Beaconhouse Defence)
    Agnes Scott-1 (1 Roots)
    Butler-3 (2 Roots, 1 LGS)
    Drexel-3 (3 Roots)
    Colorado School of Mines-1 (1 Roots)
    Elizabethtown-1 (1 Roots)
    Arcadia-2 (2 Roots)
    Tulsa-1 (1 Roots)
    Miami-5 (4 Roots, 1 St. Mary's)
    Oklahoma-1 (1 Roots)
    Oklahoma City-1 (1 Roots)
    Illinois Institute of Technology-3 (2 KGS, 1 Headstart)
    Stony Brook-1 (1 Headstart)
    Minnesota-1 (1 Headstart)
    Lake Forest-1 (1 Headstart)
    SUNY Plattsburgh-1 (1 Headstart)
    Hofstra-3 (1 Headstart, 1 Roots, 1 Aitchison)
    Pacific-2 (1 Headstart, 1 LGS)
    Westminster (SLC)-2 (1 Headstart, 1 LLC)
    Michigan State-1 (1 LS)
    Quinnipiac-1 (1 LLC)
    USD-1 (1 St. Mary's)
    Barnard-1 (Westminster)
    Cal State Bakersfield-1 (1 Headstart)
    Wake Forest-1 (1 Aitchison)
    Wheaton-1 (1 LLC)
    Denison-1 (1 Aitchison)
    Loyola Marymount LA- (1 Headstart)

    Cambridge-2 (2 KGS)
    Oxford-13 (3 Roots, 1 LLC, 2 LGS, 2 Resource Academia, 2 Aitchison, 1 KGS, 1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Headstart)
    LSE-7 (2 Beaconhouse Defence, 5 Aitchison)
    UCL-42 (20 KGS, 3 Roots, 2 LLC, 3 LGS, 1 KIMS, 1 St. Mary's, 4 Beaconhouse Defence, 3 Headstart, 5 Aitchison)
    Imperial-29 (10 KGS, 3 Roots, 4 LGS, 1 KIMS, 1 LLC, 1 St. Mary's, 2 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 LGS JT, 6 Aitchison)
    Manchester-19 (4 Roots, 6 LGS, 1 KIMS, 2 LLC, 2 St. Mary's, 2 LS, 1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Froebel's)
    Southampton-10 (5 Roots, 2 LGS, 1 LLC, 1 St. Mary's, 1 Headstart)
    Bristol-3 (1 Roots, 1 LLC, 1 LGS)
    Liverpool-2 (1 LLC, 1 Froebel's)
    Sheffield-7 (4 Roots, 2 St. Mary's, 1 Froebel's)
    Warwick-41 (30 KGS, 1 Roots, 1 St. Mary's, 3 Beaconhouse Defence, 2 LS, 2 LGS, 1 LGS JT, 1 Headstart)
    Edinburgh-8 (3 St. Mary's, 3 Headstart, 1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 LGS JT)
    Bath-3 (1 Roots, 1 LGS, 1 LS)
    Glasgow-1 (1 Roots)
    Kings-10 (9 KGS, 1 Beaconhouse Defence)
    SOAS-2 (1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Headstart)
    Nottingham-2 (1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Headstart)
    Durham-1 (1 Beaconhouse Defence)
    Cardiff-2 (1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Froebel's)
    York-1 (1 Beaconhouse Defence)
    Birmingham-3 (1 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 LGS JT, 1 Froebel's)
    St. Andrews-1 (1 Headstart)

    Hong Kong

    HKU-15 (4 KGS, 1 LLC, 4 LGS, 4 Beaconhouse Defence, 2 Roots)
    HKUST-5 (1 Roots, 1 LGS, 2 LLC, 1 Westminster)


    Toronto-4 (2 Roots, 2 LS)
    McGill-32 (12 KGS, 6 Roots, 4 LGS, 2 St. Mary's, 2 Beaconhouse Defence, 4 LS, 1 Headstart)
    McMaster-3 (2 Roots, 1 Froebel's)
    Waterloo-4 (2 Roots, 1 LS, 1 Headstart)
    Quest-1 (1 Roots)
    Wilfrid Laurier-1 (1 LS)
    Alberta-1 (1 Froebel's)
    UBC-1 (1 LGS (100% scholarship))


    NYU Abu Dhabi-5 (1 KGS, 1 LLC, 1 LGS, 1 Roots, 1 Beaconhouse Defence)
    Middlesex-1 (1 LLC)


    Jacobs University Bremen-12 (2 Beaconhouse Defence, 1 Aitchison, 1 LLC, 7 Roots, 1 LGS)

    Lets see if we can get better numbers then these guys. :)
  • usamatiwanausamatiwana Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    This place is dead and I feel awkward while replying to my own self.... :p
  • GlaedrGlaedr Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    Hi, what school are you from? And what colleges are you applying to?
  • usamatiwanausamatiwana Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    Well I'm from the F.sc background, I'm from FIC Chaklala, to be precise.
    About my applications, well I'm not sure yet but these are the few I'm planning to apply,
    MIT, CMU, USC, Lafayette, Stanford, UC Berkeley,Michigan Ann Arbor, Texas Austin and the list has a few more additions.

    How about you?
  • GlaedrGlaedr Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    hmm...i have 7 A's and 2 B's (pak studies and islamiat :@) and one regional distinction (computing) in olevels, and am expecting 4 A's in AS (they will be 5 by january).

    My EC's are terrible though: won one inter-school chess tournament (will win it again this year and will try to organize another, since i'll be president of chess society), and a 'research' program at KU which was anything but - a travesty, to be honest. So i guess i'll participate in everything i can this year. How are your EC's?

    I'm not yet sure about my colleges. I will be applying to MIT, Princeton and Dartmouth, but haven't decided on the 'safeties' though. My choices are limited by the fact that i'll require considerable financial aid, and that i'll be giving SAT II in January.
  • usamatiwanausamatiwana Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    Well Your grades cover up the most of it. My grades aren't that good. Btw which city are you from? and what was your SAT I score? I'm yet to give it in octuber, and then subjects test in November Inshallah.

    About my EC's, Well I'm In the basketball team, won last year Regional Championship, going to win this year as well. XD. Won a couple of regional and a national Essay writing Competition, A few short story titles aswell, did win another couple of debate and declamation competitions, all English, prizes in science fairs as well, have a prize in a Maths Olympiad, Head of College's Event Organizing Committee plus the discipline committee, am an ex-cadet from Military College,dont know whether that counts or not, :P plus these days i'm volunteering with an NGO and going to participate in as much competitions as I can this year as well. But with all this I dont have a major participation in any major international Olympiad or something of that sort. Plus i'm a regular blogger, part of the team of two different websites and did work on developing some few programs for linux systems and for andriod OS and apple's iOS.
  • GlaedrGlaedr Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    I'm from Karachi. And I'll give SAT I in Oct too.

    Nah, I don't think my grades cover anything. i was reading through last year's thread and those guys had beastly stats. I'm nothing compared to them. Maybe I need to give a couple more alevel subjects, take up further maths...idk. But I'm an underdog any way you see it.

    Wow, you have great EC's. I think a great SAT score will give you serious chances. You know I could have also had an impressive ''won the chess tournament at the ISEO Olympiad" on my list, but my stupid school didn't even register. I'm gonna have to do it this year.

    By the way have you heard of anyone who got into a good college with less than 9 A's in olevels?
  • usamatiwanausamatiwana Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    No doubt many people last year had beastly stats, but trust me, everyone has their edge in their own way and you would have your's as well. Speaking of grades, mine really suck at the moment, last two years I have totally wasted and now I'm trying to cover up as much as I can. Even with all those EC's and with a great SAT score, won't just get me my chances, the transcript would be there too, and that can do some serious damage to my application so I'll just have to work on other parts of the application to cover up such as the essay etc.

    And 9'A, don't worry mate, Ali Moeen had 21 A's right? And from What I know, he was rejected from the ivies, so clearly just taking A's wont get you anywhere, you need to do better in other things as well. If you ask me, along with your EC's, try getting an intership with an NGO, volunteer work also helps to get you a few plus points. :)
  • UKdude84UKdude84 Registered User Posts: 468 Member
    Pakistan needs its own forum. I mean FFs Nepal has one!?

    Mods, please fix.
  • usamatiwanausamatiwana Registered User Posts: 351 Member
    We sure do. :)
  • ahmad999ahmad999 Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    try getting an intership with an NGO, volunteer work also helps to get you a few plus points.

    good idea .
    actually adcoms not only examine your interpersonal abilities through your application but they also want to know whether u hav done anything for ur society .
    and i think intern in an NGO (of women rights,more specifically ,a hot topic nowadays :) ) during the summer will add alot to ur application in addition to ur sat scores
  • ahmad999ahmad999 Registered User Posts: 18 New Member
    well. i forgot my intro to new members .
    from lahore .fsc from GCU.
    now studing in nust ,college of eme rawalpindi.
    although my one academic year will go waste but still i am appling as a freshman
    and as an extra piece of info i was the topper of lahore board in FSc exams 2009.
    i am more inclined to enhance my tech skills rather than doing "volunteer work ". did interns in CAT(power generation company) and pel . i was a full fledged programer in my 8th class.and at present i am vice president of NERC (national engineering robotics contest ) at nust.its a mega event ,probably u hav heard ov it.150 teams hav participated this year .
    i am also membr of team going for shell echo marathon ,asia which wl be in malyshia .(but i am nt going with my team :( since i am a junior membr of the team but i will ge ta certificate for it though . )
    i will take my toefl on 9th july and sat subject tests in oct
  • pakipowerpakipower Registered User Posts: 585 Member
    ahmad999 wrote:
    i am also membr of team going for shell echo marathon ,asia which wl be in malyshia .(but i am nt going with my team since i am a junior membr of the team but i will ge ta certificate for it though . )

    malyshia? :|
  • freakozoidfreakozoid Registered User Posts: 310 Member
    Good luck for the application process, guys! We're all rooting for you! One thing: Even though we understand that you guys want to enjoy your summer vacations, DO start your essays early! Think about your strengths and weaknesses, and what makes you, YOU. If you guys have any questions at all about admissions, or want me to read over any essays, just feel free to leave me a PM. I'm on hiatus from CC for a while, but I'll check back every now and then. :)
    And YES, Pakistan badly needs its own sub-forum. *looks hopefully at CC moderators* :D
  • IbnSinaIbnSina Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Assalamu Alaikum everyone,
    I'm new to this forum so I guess I should make a formal introduction.
    In my O-level, I've got 4 A*'s(Math, Physics, Chem, Computer Std), 3 A's (English, Urdu, Pak Studies) and one B in Islamiat. I'm waiting for my AS level result. I'm hoping 3 A's and an A*. (I gave Math, Phy, Chem and complete Applied ICT)
    I plan to give my SAT 1 in October aswell and SAT-2 in january.
    I'm good student, but obviously not the best. I've never been first in class. However i still have hope this year.
    And Yeah my EC's are not too great either. I've been to one intra-school MUN and plan to go for an inter-school MUN this summer. I've been to Lums Psifi. Tutored Applied ICT to two students. I play football, plan to take up rugby. I've participated in few EC's and won none :(
    Btw Love to read and write. I blog aswell.
    I plan to take many EC's this year and try my luck in applying foreign unis. Though I dont think my family will be able to financialy support, i still got hope. I hear a lot about germany.
    I just want to do my best. Even if i dont make it doesn't matter, cuz there's always grad school or further studies. Doing your best matters, not winning or losing.
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