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Alevels GPA

colligate44colligate44 19 replies13 threads Junior Member
I am an international student, I did british A-Levles and following are my grades.
Can anyone please calculate my GPA??
Subject Grades Marks
Chem A* 93
Physics A* 96
Maths A* 97
Further Maths A 88
General Paper b 78

I would be more than thankful.
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Replies to: Alevels GPA

  • student2983456student2983456 31 replies14 threads Junior Member
    Hi - if you look at the documents released in the Harvard case, you'll see they assign the following conversions for A level and GCSE grades to GPA (on a 4.0 scale):

    A* = 4.3
    A = 4.0
    B = 3.0
    C = 2.0
    D = 1.0

    A level grades are given double weighting compared to GCSE grades.

    So, based just off your A levels, your GPA would be 3.98/4.0; if you exclude the general paper, it would be 4.225/4.0 (you're GPA is technically higher in this case than the highest possible GPA score; this is done because they know that getting A* is much harder in A levels than getting straight As in a US HS)

    Also, the fact that you've done 5 should be very highly looked upon (seeing as most do three) as too will taking further Maths (it shows you pursued hardest possible syllabus, and seeing as doing maths/ f. maths is roughly equivalent to Cal BC x4 (i.e. in 4 other areas of Maths than Calculus) and essentially constitutes 2 years of most US colleges math courses, notwithstanding courses like Math 55 at Harvard).

    The B grade in the general paper isn't ideal but I'm sure if you're application is strong, it can be overlooked.

    Most schools will have admissions officers familiar with international curricula and will be able to interpret your grades properly (beyond just a simple GPA calculation).

    Good luck!
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