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Subject issue

SaniooSanioo 2 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3 New Member
Hi. Not really sure if I'm gonna get a reply but if I do. Would be a relief 😌. My O levels equivalence was around 77%. And due to picking up wrong subjects in A levels, I took a gap year now giving the third subject English. My previous two subjects that are completed AL are urdu and business. I just want to know that for nust business school will these three subjects be accepted? They have written on their website any combination in bba section. But I wasnt sure about HEC making an equivalence. I've heard subjects need to be full credit and mine are, including english language that im about to give soon. And obviously with nust, test score matters the most. So all I wanna know is that will HEC easily make equivalence for me in these A level three subjects and also won't be a problem when applying to NBS? Lastly, does gap year effect equivalence. Only 3 subjects of A levels need to completed for an equiavlance no matter when they're given right??
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Replies to: Subject issue

  • linkinpark96linkinpark96 98 replies5 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 103 Junior Member
    @Sanioo finally replying, hope it helps. :)
    Well your subjects combination is okay as far as I know. Yes you're right. NBS only requires an equivalence, doesn't matter which subjects.
    Absolutely. Timing doesn't affect the process. You must have the actual certificates that's all.

    I would still recommend you to call the IBCC's office and confirm from them once or pay a visit since they rarely pick up their phone.
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