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Any great recipes for leftover ham?

fishymomfishymom 1707 replies142 threads Senior Member
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I have quite a bit of ham leftover from Sunday and we are tired of ham sandwiches! Does anyone have any great recipes for leftover ham?
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Replies to: Any great recipes for leftover ham?

  • JustaMom5465JustaMom5465 1603 replies81 threads Senior Member
    Put it in a casserole with some au gratin potatoes?? Yum.....
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  • thumper1thumper1 75532 replies3310 threads Senior Member
    Scalloped potatoes or split pea soup...yum.
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  • colorado_momcolorado_mom 9045 replies79 threads Senior Member
    Add the ham bone (and extra ham if it fits) in crockpot. Add split pea soup mix (usually in a tall thin sleeve) and water per the package. I like to add carrots and onion too. Cook all day on low.
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  • PackMomPackMom 7650 replies17 threads Senior Member
    All week S2 has been devouring left over ham mixed in with homemade macaroni and cheese. He says he could eat it every day.
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  • 1moremom1moremom 3871 replies96 threads Senior Member
    You could put some away for a strata or other breakfast casserole for New Year's Day or to add to Hoppin' John for New Year's dinner. (The second idea will bring you a prosperous year filled with luck.)
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  • O2B@C[email protected] 149 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Ham and Asparagus Casserole

    Ham (leftover slices or cubed pieces)
    1 lb fresh Asparagus, trimmed, rinsed & steamed until tender (I cut the asparagus into bit-size pieces before steaming)
    4 Tablespoons Butter
    4 Tablespoons Flour
    2 cups Milk (I usually use skim with a little half & half added)
    6-8 oz sharp Cheddar Cheese (I will also mix & match whatever cheese I have)

    Preheat oven to 350 F
    Melt butter in skillet; add flour, stirring to blend.
    Add Milk and cook until thickened.
    Remove from heat and add cheese and stir until cheese is melted.
    Season with Salt and Pepper.

    In oven proof casserole (sprayed with Pam), layer in Ham slices or Ham cubes.
    Add cooked Asparagus
    Pour Cheese mixture over Ham and Asparagus.

    Bake for 30 minutes until heated.

    I serve this casserole over rice or sometimes egg noodles.

    This does make a lot of cheese sauce, so I often times decrease the recipe to 3Tbsp each flour & butter and 1 1/2 cups milk.

    Broccoli can be substituted for asparagus.

    This recipe came from Honey Baked Ham.
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  • fishymomfishymom 1707 replies142 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for the great suggestions. [email protected], your recipe is very similar to one my friend emailed me, except that one had spinach for the veggie. I have it prepped and ready for the oven, I'll let you know how it turns out. I still have enough ham for another meal or two. I guess I will have to freeze it.
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  • mathmommathmom 32546 replies159 threads Senior Member
    Split pea soup is my favorite. I also like ham and Belgian endives with a cheesy white sauce.
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  • LongPrimeLongPrime 5106 replies102 threads- Senior Member
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  • IloveLAIloveLA 1280 replies24 threads Senior Member
    my childhood favorite: ham salad (chop ham extra fine, or use food processor) mix with mayo and pickle relish, for sandwiches.
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  • O2B@C[email protected] 149 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thanks, Fishymom.

    This Asparagus Ham recipe is one of my favorite leftover ham recipes. I really like buying a ham as you can easily get 4-5 dinners out of it.
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  • 2VU06092VU0609 3561 replies59 threads Senior Member
    I put some in a quiche last night. The original recipe is for a crabmeat quiche, but I just substitute ham for the crab (about 1- 1 1/2 cups chopped ham). Mix 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup milk, 2 beaten eggs, 2 tablespoons milk, 1/3 cup chopped green onion, 1 1/2 cups grated swiss cheese, and dash of cayenne pepper with the ham. Pour mixture into pie shell and bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes.
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  • Nrdsb4Nrdsb4 17103 replies159 threads Senior Member
    Throw in with rice, sauteed onions, and blackeyed peas for Hoppin' John.

    Put into a large Cobb salad.

    Throw into some crepes with some cheese.

    Breakfast casserole as already mentioned.
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  • blueiguanablueiguana 7401 replies95 threads Senior Member
    We splurged this year and got a Honey Baked Ham. We are eating every last scrap! Sandwiches, on biscuits, in eggs. New years tradition is Navy bean soup so I'll need the hambone. Anything that hasn't been picked off will be diced and frozen to put in eggs the boys eat often. It was far and away the best ham we've ever had!
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  • BalletMomBalletMom 207 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Also, if you're sick of ham already but still have it left, it freezes wonderfully! Just in freezer bags. Ready for ham casseroles in a month....
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  • swimcatsmomswimcatsmom 15844 replies346 threads Senior Member
    there was a recipe here last year for a ham and potato casserole that was very good. have to see if I can find it.
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  • MomCat2MomCat2 934 replies36 threads Member
    Sooooo many good things to do with leftover ham!
    If you're sick of it for now, dice it up and stick 1/2 cup or 1-cup portions in zip-loc bags or small freezer containers and freeze - great to have around for omelettes or scalloped potatoes or various casserole/quiche/strata recipes. If you add ham and possibly also frozen peas to one of those boxed scalloped or augratin potato mixes, it makes a really easy and tasty meal.
    Also good tossed into salads, as someone mentioned above. Also improves your basic Kraft Mac & Cheese.
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  • MomCat2MomCat2 934 replies36 threads Member
    If you're sick of cold ham sandwiches, it also makes great grilled ham and cheese sandwiches (use plain ol' cheeses, or fancy stuff), or can be combined with various other goodies to make delicious paninis.

    My mom makes "Ham and Cabbage". It's just like Corned Beef and Cabbage, only made with the ham bone (if you have one), bits of ham, plus potatoes, onions, carrots and cabbage. Delicious! Serve with some good crusty bread to soak up the yummy juice.

    Lightly fry some slices up in a skillet and serve with breakfast.
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 39151 replies470 threads Senior Member
    Ham freezes well. Cube some leftover ham, put in ziplock bags, flatten (so it defrosts quickly), seal and freeze. Use in split pea or minestrone soups. Yumm!
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  • fishymomfishymom 1707 replies142 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I didn't make the casserole last night, my husband surprised me with dinner out, but it is ready to go for tonight. I am actually looking forward to trying it. I put the rest of the ham in the freezer for another day and am looking for a recipe for a dish our Amish friends used to make. It was with green beans and ham and had a peppery flavor, wonderful for a cold Pennsylvania evening. I will share if I find it.
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