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Bee sting advice?

astrophysicsmomastrophysicsmom Registered User Posts: 4,326 Senior Member
edited June 2011 in Parent Cafe
I'm trying to figure out if I'm just being a big baby or not.... I thought I'd turn to the all-knowing CC folks to help me out, since I got nowhere online....

A couple of days ago I was stung on the back of my thigh by a small bee. It hurt like **** when it happened; I immediately went inside and put ice on it, then took some Benadryl capsules and put some anti-itch stuff on it. There was a small mosquito-bite sized welt the rest of the day. I have never had bad reactions to stings before, and this time there were none of the scary-allergic reactions that many people suffer w/ trouble breathing, heart issues, or tongue swelling....no rash all over my body or anything. So yeah, I shouldn't complain. (shouldn't is the key word).

However, 2 days later it still itches like everything, even with me still taking benadryl and putting on a topical OTC anti-itch cream regularly. There is now a welt about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter...it's red, and it feels leathery to the touch. Should I just "man up" and wait for it to go away or should I go to the doctor and have it checked out? If the skin didn't feel any differently (or if the welt had stayed the same it was on day 1) I wouldn't give it a second thought. What do you think?
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Replies to: Bee sting advice?

  • pastaloverpastalover Registered User Posts: 41 Junior Member
    I was stung 3 times on Friday, so I was also just recently stung. I called my doctor up immediately because neither I nor my mother had any experience with bee stings. She told me that it would continue to itch and bother me for days after (and trust me, it has!). Just last night I woke up in the middle of the night scratching the one that has caused the most pain. Where I was stung has been a little redder than normal but never welted, and because it was so painful I hadn't been touching it (I just touched it now though and it felt fine and not leathery at all). That doesn't mean that it wasn't leathery yesterday though...
    Maybe you should call your doctors office just to check. They could probably tell you if that's normal or if there's any cause for concern.
  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild Registered User Posts: 21,801 Senior Member
    I was stung by a very small bee (I didn't even see it)while I was running on Thursday morning on my face right under my left eye. I didn't realize it was anything (just felt a small sting but thought it was a gnat or something) but when I got home it was all puffy and swollen. I put Benadryl gel on it- I can't really take oral Benadryl unless I want to go right to sleep. It stayed swollen and started to itch through the whole weekend and got sort of leathery/scaly. It is just now getting better, and still has some discoloration.

    Must be the season....
  • Karen CollegesKaren Colleges Registered User Posts: 1,752 Senior Member
    Hmm, Mom used to put a baking soda paste on a bee sting. I can't remember if it works or if its a wives tale.
  • NYMomof2NYMomof2 Registered User Posts: 5,948 Senior Member
    I have heard that a paste of MSG applied to the bee sting will neutralize the venom.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,539 Senior Member
    I make a paste of water and meat tenderizer and put that on it.

    That said....the OP may be allergic and may need to go so an allergist/immunologist. S/he will treat your situation, but also test for bee sting sensitivity using very minute amounts of venum.
  • over30over30 Registered User Posts: 2,411 Senior Member
    Look up "bee sting" on Wikipedia. There are photos that may be useful if you're worried. It also says it can take a week for it to subside.
  • Emaheevul07Emaheevul07 Registered User Posts: 5,966 Senior Member
    This will sound funny-- but put solarcaine on it, the green gel kind that says "cooling" on the bottle. It has lidocaine in it and takes the sting and itch right out. I actually use it for allergic reactions fairly regularly, and it was the only thing that gave me any relief when I got stung by a bee! My bee sting sounds just like yours, I had a huge welt and it took days for the itching to subside.
  • 3andout3andout Registered User Posts: 79 Junior Member
    We just had a similar situation, my DD got stung in the car while we were happily driving along on vacation. I raced into the nearest pharmacy where I was told to put toothpaste on it! I have to say I was extremely doubtful, but I bought toothpaste (and Benadryl). The toothpaste worked, and made the stinger come out, too. There was some swelling, but nothing like the welts I've gotten when I've been stung, and the itching was minimal and short lived. I probably should go back and apologize to the pharmacist for doubting her.
  • astrophysicsmomastrophysicsmom Registered User Posts: 4,326 Senior Member
    Thanks for the tips. (I would never have thought of toothpaste!!!) I found out yesterday that a guy who is helping me with some yard work got stung on the leg at almost the same place in the back yard/woods and his "symptoms" were exactly the same. I was the most freaked out by the leathery feel of the welt and the intense itching. I've continued to take Benadryl when it starts itching again and have gone through a tube of cream. But, I have decided that I will live, after all! I was back in that area of our property this morning and saw lots of the little buggers on the ground. I'm going to research them to see if they are providing any benefit to my garden; otherwise a bee trap will be in place tomorrow!!!
  • nj2011momnj2011mom Registered User Posts: 2,885 Senior Member
    Honey bees are a great addition to the environment due to their pollination activity. Yellow jackets are just pests. Take a look at what you have, however, if they are on the ground, I might suspect yellow jackets. If so, feel free to eradicate aggressively!
  • garlandgarland Registered User Posts: 15,035 Senior Member
    I got a sting like that when we were biking in Ireland. My H (doctor) was impressed with how it swelled up--right over my collarbone, about a four inch wide triangle--stiff, swollen skin, very itchy. I believe he called it something like 'induration"--and basically we kept an eye on it and it got better after a few days (he didn't think it was an allergic thing but he was watching for infection.)
  • dmd77dmd77 Registered User Posts: 8,663 Senior Member
    I believe what you have are mud wasps. They nest in the ground, and when they sting it hurts like a son-of-a-gun. Not particularly useful as pollinators, but they do kill other insects.
  • PackMomPackMom Registered User Posts: 7,667 Senior Member
    In NC,yellow jackets nest in the ground too.
  • mantori.suzukimantori.suzuki Registered User Posts: 3,347 Senior Member
    Bee stings are awfully annoying for such small things, aren't they?

    The last time I got stung was when I stepped on a bee whilst walking barefoot in my mom's back yard. It definitely hurt and swelled up, but two hours later I couldn't even tell where the sting had been. Either my body reacts especially well to bee stings, or the bottom of the foot is just a good place to get stung.

    This reminds me of a story. When I was little, one of my aunts was laying on the couch looking ill. I asked my mom what was wrong, and she told me that my aunt had gotten a bee sting. I was horrified because I had no idea what a "beasting" was, but it sounded terrible!
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