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who's been called back for a follow up mammogram?

IUmom7IUmom7 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
edited February 2013 in Parent Cafe
I know this happens to lots of people and isn't always something bad. But I just got a call from the doc's office that there's an irregular spot on one of the mammogram views done last week, and that I need to come back in right away for another.

I'm going tomorrow--but the moment I made the call my somewhat anxious-tending brain began looking at all the worst-case scenarios. My husband is in China at the moment. My sister is very sick with a chronic condition. My best friend has something major going on in her life, a big crisis. Another good friend died one year ago to the day from breast cancer. I don't even want to mention this to my high school age daughter, why worry her. Why worry anyone? But still I feel like I'm about to burst with worry.

I know I shouldn't worry at all. It's just a precaution most likely--but--I am suddenly feeling overwhelmed. Almost died from blood clot/pulmonary embolism in April--they said most likely from being on the pill, but another HUGE risk factor for clots is cancer.

I guess I'm just looking for some online words of support. Just needed to vent my worry somewhere...thanks for listening!
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Replies to: who's been called back for a follow up mammogram?

  • tango14tango14 Registered User Posts: 1,578 Senior Member
    I would think that something like this is more likely from a flaw in the mammogram itself rather than something "suspicious." It hasn't happened to me personally but to several friends, and they have all been called back for needle biopsies rather than repeat mammograms (4 friends, all biopsies were negative, BTW). I know it's much easier said than done not to worry, but I would think it's more an issue with the mammogram itself than any anomaly in you. They, of course, probably wouldn't want to tell you that.

    I'm sure others will have more expert advice that I do.
  • SilpatSilpat Registered User Posts: 1,095 Senior Member
    Sorry you're going through this stress, especially with your dh out of the country. In my case, each and every blessed time I have to do a repeat mammogram. The first time I got pretty upset. Since then, I really don't think about it other than the inconvenience. I've tried telling the various health care professionals that this is my "normal" but they still insist on rechecking. I hope you also find out that there's no cause for concern. Best wishes!
  • IUmom7IUmom7 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    Thank you Silpat and Tango. I'm feeling less freaked out already.
    Intellectually, I know there's a good chance it is nothing. And I know if it IS something, best to know about it/deal with it.

    Emotionally--feeling fragile & stressed, so thanks for taking the time to post!
  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild Registered User Posts: 21,836 Senior Member
    It is very probably nothing. My call-back was in 2003 and I wound up having to have a biopsy to make sure there was nothing wrong. The biopsy was NOT fun at all, but I was all-clear. I hope you get a good result. Keep us posted. (pun intended)
  • cromettecromette Registered User Posts: 2,614 Senior Member
    IUmom7 - thoughts and prayers with you for a second test that shows nothing to be concerned about. And you're right. Better to know.
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 31,754 Super Moderator
    I've been called back, too, and it was nothing.

    Scarier was my colonoscopy that I had 13 days after I turned 50. NO history of colon cancer, or actually ANY kind of cancer. The doctor found a large polyp on the right side of my colon. He removed what he could and biopsied it. I had to wait a week for the results. I looked at reputable websites (like the Mayo Clinic) and discovered that that size and location of polyp indicate there's a decent chance of being malignant. It wasn't, but I have to go back in three months so they can make sure they got it all. It was nervewracking!

    People, get your tests when you're supposed to! The colonoscopy probably saved my life - as polyps grow, they have a higher chance of becoming cancerous.
  • missypiemissypie Registered User Posts: 18,303 Senior Member
    My mammograms always look so odd that now they schedule an ultrasound immediately after. I just stay in the gown and walk across the hall to the next room.
  • fireandrainfireandrain Registered User Posts: 4,715 Senior Member
    I had to get a second mammogram (or was it an ultrasound? Don't remember). What they thought they saw in the first one wasn't there.

    The bigger issue ending up being that insurance didn't want to pay for the second test. I don't remember how we resolved that -- I think we eventually got some money from them -- but I was incredulous that they considered this an unnecessary test when the medical professionals were the ones who recommended it out of a legitimate concern.
  • rodneyrodney Registered User Posts: 9,406 Senior Member
    If it makes you feel any better, this could possibly be a way for the facitility to collect more $$ from the insurance company in the future....

    I have been called back for the last 4 years; now I have found out that they have been processing my claims as if I have a diagnosis, rather than preventive.....more $$ for them.....unfortunately, the insurance company doesn't see it as necessary, so we end up paying a co-pay every year (when in reality mammos are supposed to be covered as preventive)

    Nothing has ever shown up on the subsequent mammograms; it is getting a little annoying to have to go again every year.....I have asked my OB-gyn to automatically put down on the prescription, "don't send her home until you look at the films" but no-go; they won't do it.......

    Hopefully, this is the case with you.....sending good wishes!!

    Cross-posted with fireandrain but too funny.......
  • fauxmavenfauxmaven Registered User Posts: 1,786 Senior Member
    I have had at least 10 mammograms and 1 call-back. I freaked out because my mom had had breast cancer,but she is now 93! She was diagnosed at 71. It turned out to be nothing, but any call=back from a doctor is disturbing, unless it was a positive pregnancy test! I am almost 59 BTW.
  • IUmom7IUmom7 Registered User Posts: 142 Junior Member
    I've had I think 4 mammograms and never an issue, the last one being 1 year ago...but hopefully it is nothing. Would an ultrasound be the next thing if they do see something again? I guess it depends. Okay. I better not think about it!

    And colonoscopy--actually, I'm itching to have one done. Just turned 50, but can't get it done until I can safely get off the blood thinners I'm on for the blood clots. They really can save lives, MaineLonghorn--a good friend had her routine 50 year one done and they did find cancer, but early stage thank god, and she's okay now.

    Both my parents were dead before retirement age. My dad died when he was just a couple years older than me. I'm not ready to go! I'm very VERY health conscious, exercise a ton, eat well, etc. But lately it's been one thing after another! Guess I should post on the 'falling apart' thread someone started!
  • ignatiusignatius Registered User Posts: 3,126 Senior Member
    I have been called back for a repeat mammogram. No problem found and that was many years ago. Try not to worry.
  • musicamusicamusicamusica Registered User Posts: 6,468 Senior Member
    Called back twice! No problem! Thanks for the reminder! I'm due!
  • jym626jym626 Registered User Posts: 52,291 Senior Member
    Ask them if they can do the new 3D mammogram. It is supposed to be able to see what tradiditional digital may not. Good luck!
  • Gibson1514Gibson1514 Registered User Posts: 497 Member
    Had exactly the same thing happen to me at the start of the summer. H was out of town and I didn't mention it to him. Went the next day, they repeated the mammogram then came got me again to do a " breast roll" and repeat the mammogram. By that point I was starting to freak. Everything was clear on the 3rd mammogram. Insurance counted the 2nd and 3rd as diagnostic too and I had to cover the co pay. H was mad I didn't tell him- but I told him I was freaking out enough for the two of us and he couldn't do anything. Wishig you the best. come back tomorrow and tell us that you got the all clear.
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