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iPad mini et al

LergnomLergnom Registered User Posts: 7,926 Senior Member
edited November 2012 in Parent Cafe
I saw the introduction of the iPad mini. It makes clear to me that Apple remains committed to two things: building really good devices and grabbing all the profits.

As to the first, we've seen since the first iPad and a little before, a growing capability for high-end engineering coupled with highly advanced manufacturing processes. They today introduced a new iPad4, a new Mac mini, a new MacBook Pro 13 Retina Display, and a new iMac. Each one pushes the limits of design and manufacturing capability. The iMac tapers to a ridiculously small edge. Tolerances are tiny. They are cutting portions of millimeters.

We're seeing in this connection of design and manufacturing a flowering of Steve Jobs' vision. They control so much of their supply chain, they can push suppliers to make consumer devices - and these are consumer devices - that substantially exceed what we imagined could be made only a few years ago. Note that Apple took the time to show the innards of each device to make the point that each little piece was specifically designed and then process-engineered so the thing can be made in bulk to a very high tolerance. The new iMacs will be individually calibrated before they leave the line.

As to the second, look at the pricing. It starts at $329 for the iPad mini. People might imagine they'd sell more at $299 or maybe even less but Apple is constrained by the ability to make enough not by demand. I'd love a cheaper mini, btw. They announced they've sold 100 million iPads in 2 years. They sell more iPads a quarter than other PC companies sell of their entire line of devices.

But the point is profit. They don't care if you - or I - wants a $199 great freaking iPad. They can't make money at $199. (And Amazon isn't either; they count on selling stuff to subsidize the hardware. Google can't be making money at $199 without other revenue either.) Apple makes in profit in a day what Amazon reports as profit for a quarter. And you can't say Apple is skimping on investment.

Apple is letting other companies sell the $199 tablets. There isn't enough profit at that level for them. Maybe in the long run the method of selling content to pay for hardware is better. But as of now, the profit is all Apple's.
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Replies to: iPad mini et al

  • snowballsnowball Registered User Posts: 2,722 Senior Member
    I have had none of the issues with my iPad 3 that xiggi mentions above. I am very happy with my iPad, just wish it wasn't outdated before I even got a finger print on it ;) I am well aware with most electronics now a days they tend to be outdated before you have a chance to really use it; I just never expected Apple to replace so quickly and drop a product completely from their line.

    **This was in response to post #34 by xiggi; don't know why it is showing as post #1!**
  • dstarkdstark Registered User Posts: 34,241 Senior Member
    Yeah....that is a nice ad for Apple. Must be a shareholder. :)

    Profit margins are going to shrink. Apple is not going to make as much money selling a 329 dollar machine compared to a 500 dollar machine.

    Apple better sell more ipads.

    Microsoft is going to compete. A new Nook is coming.

    Prices are going lower and lower....
  • BCEagle91BCEagle91 Registered User Posts: 22,762 Senior Member
    We have an iPad 1, iPad 2 and Nexus 7. That's more than enough for this household. If the iPad Mini were available this past summer, I would have picked one up instead of the Nexus 7.

    iOS has over 200K tablet apps. Android has something between 1,000 and 2,000. I guess they feel that their library of apps provides significant value that they can monetize.

    Google makes money on advertising and the ability to track what you do via their apps that you use provides them with more value so they can sell at cost. If you want to pay for your device by giving them more information, that's your option. Amazon pays by advertising and selling you their products. That's another way of paying for your hardware and software.
  • overseasoverseas Registered User Posts: 2,925 Senior Member
    Will the mini work with a keyboard like the regular iPad? I would prefer over a laptop for writing outside of my home, especially this winter.
  • abasketabasket Registered User Posts: 16,778 Senior Member
    I love the size of my iPad 2. Have no desire for a mini - that's my iPhone pretty much isn't it???
  • BCEagle91BCEagle91 Registered User Posts: 22,762 Senior Member
    It's essentially an iPad 2 with a smaller screen so it should work with a keyboard.

    I prefer a laptop for writing myself.
  • NJresNJres Registered User Posts: 5,900 Senior Member
    I have no iPad and don't expect to buy one anytime soon.

    But they have sold 100mm? How many of those in the U.S.? How many more can they sell? World population?
  • dstarkdstark Registered User Posts: 34,241 Senior Member
    I own an ipad2. I like it a lot. I see no reason to buy another ipad.

    This tablet stuff, this smartphone stuff, reminds me of the old days when people wanted the newest car. Had to have the newest car.
  • BCEagle91BCEagle91 Registered User Posts: 22,762 Senior Member
    The mini-tablets are nice for reading or watching video or reading email in bed as they're half the weight of the 10 inch tablets. They are also easier to put in a jacket pocket or purse (so I'm told).
  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner Registered User Posts: 32,827 Senior Member
    I'm waiting for the Surface pro. I realized today that the thing will have one huge advantage over my laptop - I will not have to take it out of the bag when I go through the airport security. :)
  • BCEagle91BCEagle91 Registered User Posts: 22,762 Senior Member
    I'd wait for Haswell on the Surface Pro.

    The problem with sticking a Core i5 in a very thin package is heat dissipation and Haswell will run a lot cooler than Ivy Bridge.

    That is of course unless you have someone to pass the old stuff down too. That makes it easier to buy new gear.
  • xiggixiggi Registered User Posts: 25,432 Senior Member
    I will not have to take it out of the bag when I go through the airport security.

    YMMW. Perhaps with our TSA geniuses.

    Otherwise, that might be more theory than practice. On a recent trip to several airports, I was not able to convince the "checkers" about the fine print in that definition. In Madrid, the girl in charge was only to happy to show me a chart where the words "computer" had been scratched and replaced with "all electronic or electric device" and said ... especially iPads from obnoxious people from the USA. I answered I was happy not to carry an electric shaver and she was not too amused. Ten minutes later I was still inline!
  • razorsharprazorsharp Registered User Posts: 6,161 Senior Member
    Nexus 7 was built for Google Play. With Google Play, all the entertainment you love is right in your hand: more than 600,000 apps and games, millions of eBooks and songs, thousands of movies, and a growing selection of TV shows and magazines. Enjoy all your entertainment on your Android devices and your computer without wires or syncing.


    600,000 apps and games is more than anyone needs.
  • BCEagle91BCEagle91 Registered User Posts: 22,762 Senior Member
    > 600,000 apps and games is more than anyone needs.

    The vast majority of those are mobile apps - as in designed for a phone. A tablet app can take advantage of the larger surface area of a tablet and present far more information. When you use a mobile app on a tablet, the app just scales up.

    Do a google images search on "iphone fidelity screenshot" and "ipad fidelity screenshot" and you'll see what I mean.

    The iPad 1 wasn't all that great. Apple did have a ton of apps but they were mobile apps. It took some time for the tablet apps to come out. Before that, you either used mobile apps in scaled mode or you used the browser. On my Nexus 7, I use the browser a lot more than I do on the iPad because the scaled Apps don't look all that good. This is one reason Google is selling these so cheap - they are trying to convince Apps developers to build tablet version of their mobile apps for Android.

    I do know a little about the Nexus 7 as I bought one a while ago.
  • razorsharprazorsharp Registered User Posts: 6,161 Senior Member
    Whether they are mobile apps or just tablet apps, they are still apps that work on the Nexus 7 and there are over 600,000 of them. I only use about 20 apps and they are more than what I need.
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