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SSI the new alternative to work/welfare

barronsbarrons Registered User Posts: 24,599 Senior Member
edited March 2013 in Parent Cafe
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Replies to: SSI the new alternative to work/welfare

  • NJresNJres Registered User Posts: 5,901 Senior Member
    It's a problem, and certainly an issue worth discussing. It gets worse when people can't find jobs and start to seek survival alternatives. But it is not "new".
  • MomLiveMomLive Registered User Posts: 2,370 Senior Member
    I caught this segment on NPR today and was quite surprised. My mother was a disability examiner for the state of Texas in the early 80's and it was darn near impossible to get disability. She had many applicants die before being approved.

    I met a woman not too long ago who was on disability because the fumes from her job at a beauty salon made her feel sick. All I could think was really?

    I guess I don't understand how this works. Benefits that preclude someone from working at any kind of job makes sense to me. Benefits to someone who is otherwise able-bodied but can't work in their chosen field seems ridiculous. Short-term benefits while someone is making a career transition is one thing but making it a long-term thing is a different issue.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,851 Senior Member
    I see women come in to our shelter all the frigging time with SSI. It's more rare that they or their children are NOT on SSI. It drives me CRAZY. We have a woman who shelter hops has only worked four years of her adult life, and gets SSI because she doesn't want to work. OTOH, my dad who actually IS disabled has to fight tooth and nail to get SSI. He worked full time from the age of 17 at multiple jobs and would give everything just to be able to physically hold down a full time job.

    SSI reform needs to happen desperately. It's absolutely ludicrous.

    Also, FWIW, you can work up to a certain amount and still get SSI (SSDI?).
  • dstarkdstark Registered User Posts: 34,241 Senior Member
    If you read the article you will read that people who receive ssi are going to be poor.

    It is very difficult to receive ssi where I live.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,851 Senior Member
    No doubt, dstark. Personally, it makes me angry that they're doing this to their children. That's what angers me in the shelter.

    That and these women are creating an environment for their children where they're taught from a young age to be dependent rather than self-reliant and my tolerance for it has gone down the tubes.
  • KajonKajon Registered User Posts: 4,382 Senior Member
    One day out of curiosity I asked my doctor if she would fill out the paperwork so I could apply for disability. She admitted that physically I would more than qualify and that I have all the MRI's, etc needed to qualify (neck, back, heart complications from surgery) But she said she was refusing my request because if I seriously wanted a job then I need to be creative about finding one that would work with my ailments.

    While I believe there are some people who truly need disability, this has gotten out of hand. I think they need to put my doctor in charge of the program!
  • lilmelonredlilmelonred Registered User Posts: 2,041 Senior Member
    My mom gets SSI and is mentally disabled. She doesn't work so yeah that SSI does replace work.
  • dstarkdstark Registered User Posts: 34,241 Senior Member
    I have been working out at a gym. I was talking to another guy who was working out. He said to me it is surprising how many people here are mentally disabled.

    I think there are a lot of disabled people that don't look disabled. I worked out next to a guy when jeopardy was on tv. The guy knew 90 percent of the questions. He was great. He told me he tried to get on Jeopardy. After talking to him for awhile I can see why. He started talking to himself. I think he was hearing voices.

    Another guy I worked out next to was as strong as a bull. Incredibly strong. His problem was he was in a car accident and has brain damage.
    He seems like a nice guy who can go off at any time and kill somebody. If you saw him, you would ask, "that strong guy can't move furniture?"

    The guy has been looking for a job for years.

    That guy scares me. I wouldn't want him in my house.
  • busdriver11busdriver11 Registered User Posts: 14,218 Senior Member
    I don't believe that people think there is a problem with those who are mentally disabled getting SSI, lilmelonred (unless of course, the dsability is "unwillingness to work" disease). A serious mental disability seems like that's what SSI would be for.
  • dstarkdstark Registered User Posts: 34,241 Senior Member
    Romanigyysies, people do the best they can...
    Sometimes the best they can do isn't much.

    My sister is disabled. She can't work. She has nerve damage in her face because a dentist botched the procedure. She is always in pain. No she couldn't sue either. No dentist wanted to testify.
  • HImomHImom Registered User Posts: 29,775 Senior Member
    I have a RN friend whose job it is to track folks on work comp disability and do whatever she can to get them back into the workforce. She says studies show that someone unemployed 6+ months rarely transitions back to work. Too many changes occur in their brain and elsewhere.

    Can understand that folks who heavy labor jobs and who don't qualify for jobs where they could sit could be disabled because their bodies wear out, especially if the job also involves heavy lifting.

    Because I have a health condition that is bad enough, technically I could try to get disability, but the consensus among my MDs is that I'm the least disabled person they know.
  • zoosermomzoosermom Registered User Posts: 25,968 Senior Member
    There is a whole industry devoted to both SSI fraud and disability pension fraud. Lots of people legitimately need and deserve the help, but anywhere there is big money there are scam artists. And disability involves big money.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,851 Senior Member
    dstark, I understand SOME people do the best they can. Not everyone does. Not even close. I absolutely understand that some people need the help. My dad is one of them after a drunk driver took his ability to work.

    There are others, like my ex's dad, who spend more time trying to scam the system than they would actually put in working. Unfortunately THESE people are far too numerous and drain vital resources from those who actually need help.
  • zoosermomzoosermom Registered User Posts: 25,968 Senior Member
    There is also, in the current economy, a population of people who have maxed out their unemployment benefits without finding employment and have either suffered such stress related symptoms or have found sympathetic doctors and so have moved from unemployment to SSI.
  • dstarkdstark Registered User Posts: 34,241 Senior Member
    I can't speak for other places but I volunteer with people with special needs. They are on ssi. It is so hard to get ssi here it is ridiculous. These people want to work. Many go to day programs and make quilts and scarves and napkins and...

    Others want to work but it is hard to get the hours. They can't make the money to support themselves. Luckily there are some programs set up both private and public to help them.

    I know people look at programs and say, "Hey this program doesn't work. People are taking advantage of this program." I look at a program and think, "This program is helping millions of people".

    If somebody wants to go through the trouble of scamming ssi so they can make 6,000 a year...I would like to stop this, but if scammers fall through the cracks...

    There were cars that cost $20,000 that were shipped to Iraq. The companies leased those cars to the US government for $20,000 a year because the cars were in a war zone. Lol.

    There are always scammers...
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